Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier Game gets Updates

Marvel has released some updates for Captain America: The Winter Soldier game. They are adding some new content and a new mobile title.The Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance now includes Spec Op 17: Ghosts of the Past taking on new foes: Winter Soldier and Baltroc. You can unlock Sam Wilson as the Falcon to join the fight when completing the Spec Op and, for a limited time, you can buy the super soldier “Captain Steve Rogers” uniform.Xbox Live players can customize their Avatars … [Read more...]

Chip and Co Land & Sea Disney Vacation

Have you ever wanted to meet up with the people you talk to each day on Chip & Co.?  Have you wanted to hang out with other Disney Addicts like yourself?  Well, here is your chance!  Chip & Co. has teamed up with Destinations in Florida to bring you all an amazing group rate on a Land and Sea trip!Join us at Walt Disney World from October 11th to October 16th and then join us on a Magical voyage on the Disney Dream from October 16th to October 19th for a 3-night Bahamian … [Read more...]

Disney Interactive Brings Words of Wonder to Mobile Devices

Disney Brings the Facebook World of Words of Wonder to iOS and Soon Android DevicesPlayers Can Now Enjoy a Connected Experience Across Facebook and MobileWords of Wonder, the exciting Facebook game where players need to match letters, complete words and overcome a variety of challenges, has launched today on the App Store and Google Play from Disney Interactive. With more than 9 Million people creating words in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish worldwide on Facebook, players … [Read more...]

Rule the High Seas with Pirates of the Caribbean: Isles of War

Disney Interactive announced today Pirates of the Caribbean: Isles of War, a new, multiplayer, online Facebook experience. Players engage in real-time naval combat against other players and AI pirates as they build a reputation to be the greatest pirate in all of the Caribbean. Joined by Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, and Hector Barbossa, players will build their base, expand their fleet and rule the high seas.Finding adventure on the high seas is a dangerous, but possibly prosperous, … [Read more...]

Beware of Fake Disney Contest Scams

Have you ever heard the saying "If it seems too good to be true then it probably is" well these are words to live by. There has been a lot of fake Disney Contests and Scams on Facebook lately. Before you share a Facebook link make sure to do your research, because we wouldn't want to promote a scam to our friends.A lot of this common sense... If a Facebook page that is labeled with a big corporations name like Delta, or American Airlines, or Southwest we know these are huge airlines that … [Read more...]

Free Disney Tickets Scams Use Fake Facebook Page

People are being duped by a scam on Facebook, which promises free tickets to Disney World. Sadly this has become a common occurrence.A fake Delta Air Lines page was set up on Facebook on Monday under the name ‘Delta Airlines.’, which had just under 800 likes. The real ‘Delta’ Facebook page has more the 820,000 likes.Chips Tips: If a big company that has been around forever, has a few a Facebook likes than it's probably not the real page!The fake page states: “We're giving away a trip … [Read more...]

Couple Engaged at Disney World using Stolen Money

Sometimes the level of people's stupidity amazes me, not to mention the lack of morals. We would all love a magical engagement but to steal from the elderly to get it is beyond wrong and not very magical at all.The happy couple are alleged masterminds of an identity theft scam of senior citizens. They were arrested after they posted photos of their Disney World engagement and purchases on Facebook that was paid for with the stolen funds.Amanda Zieminski, 27, and Clyde Forteau, 29, are … [Read more...]

Disney Interactive Story Digital Storytelling App Review

If you're anything like me, then you have tons of photos trapped on your phone.  Between snapping random shots to posting endless pics on Instagram, I've got a lot of memories on that baby!  Well my friends, we are in luck!  That's because Disney Interactive just released a digital storytelling app for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch (also works on your iPad) called Story.  Now we can put those pictures to use in a fun, simple, and creative way and we can SHARE them!  That's right!  We can DO … [Read more...]

Disney’s Club Penguin Releases My Penguin App for iPad

Disney’s Club Penguin is waddling onto iPad with the new My Penguin App. You can now use this free app to sync with the #1 virtual world for kids. Disney’s Club Penguin is the #1 virtual world for kids and is coming to iPad today with the new My Penguin app. The My Penguin app is available for free download. With this app, Club Penguin’s millions of players will be able to access some of their favorite games and activities from the virtual world and earn coins and items for their penguin while … [Read more...]

Walt Disney Company Stopped Business in Bangledash in March After Deadly Fire

The Walt Disney Company stopped business in Bangledash in March after a deadly fire. Although there was a fire in Bangledash last month, the workers there were most likely not making clothes for the Walt Disney company.The Walt Disney company has revealed to The New York Times that it told vendors to pull nearly all of its manufacturing out Bangledash in March. In March, the Walt Disney company sent a letter to thousands of its vendors and licensees to outline new guidelines for how the … [Read more...]