My Fab Five Disney’s Animal Kingdom Attractions


Disney's Animal Kingdom is the park we spend the least time in. In spite of that there are a number of attractions we try to visit on each trip so here are my Fab Five attractions. As I go through them you will notice a couple of the biggies are missing from my list and I'll explain why at the end of the article.5. It's Tough To Be A Bug - This park is the hottest of all the parks and as you tour you are always on the lookout for somewhere to cool off. This attraction is ideal because it not … [Read more...]

Review: Walt Disney World Notescast Guide 3.0

WDW Guide Splash Screen - Yellow & Red - 320 x 480

Timestream Software has released an update to their series of Notescasts for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, and I have been asked to review it for Chip & Company.The Walt Disney World Notescast is a cool little app to have in your library!  The beauty of the Notescasts is that they are not dependent on any network access at all!  In their basic form, Notescasts are eReaders that you can have on your iPod Touch or iPhone, and once you have it installed, you can use it anywhere you want to … [Read more...]

Best Things I Love About Disney – Mickey’s PhilharMagic


When I first saw Mickey's PhilharMagic, in 2003, I was less than impressed. As I look back, the reason became a little more apparent. It was the last day of our visit, we were both tired, and I had been lugging my 330+ pound body around in hot and humid weather for 8 days. Let's face it we were tired and just a bit cranky so a new experience, like this attraction was to us, would really have to work hard to make a positive impression. Besides that, we were leaving the next day for home and we … [Read more...]

Best Things I Love About Disney – The Tree Of Life


Talk about an icon!! The Tree of Life is positively the first thing most people think about when Disney's Animal Kingdom is mentioned. It is not just beautiful but it is an engineering marvel. There is a lot of information available about the Tree of Life but, as usual, I generally find the best information about all things Disney in the Imagineering Field Guides.A lot of folks (me included) thought that the Tree of Life must have been modeled after a huge noble tree in some exotic locale. … [Read more...]

Top 10 Disneyworld Attractions that Won’t Make you Lose your Lunch!


Here is the next edition of  Top 10 According to Jess:I am a big thrill seeker. I could ride Splash Mountain all day long, take the trek to the top of Everest every hour on the hour, and spend enough time on Rockin Roller Coaster to make Aerosmith question my sanity. Let’s face it though, there is a lot more to Disney than big thrills and there are some days when a slower pace is just what the Dr. ordered. Here are my top ten attractions that won’t make you lose your lunch!Soarin’: This … [Read more...]