Camp Minnie-Mickey Set to Close


We have some bad news for you. We have received word that Camp Minnie-Mickey will close in 2014. Disney has not released a specific date yet but as soon as we know you will know.Avatarland will be taking over all of the Camp Minnie-Mickey space when it opens in 2017. Don't worry, Mickey and Minnie have already been moved to a new spot at the Adventures Outpost. Also Festival of the Lion King will be moved to a brand new building so no worries there either.Other than the character Meet … [Read more...]

Just Say NO to Fanny Packs!

no fanny pack

I was born and raised in a tourist town. Just like the pick-pockets in Europe know, there is one way to spot a tourist. No matter where my friends and I went, whether strolling along the beach or shopping in the shops downtown, we could always pick them out of a crowd. No, they didn’t wear funny hats necessarily, nor did they incessantly ask us for directions; they were wearing fanny packs.The high school I went to was pretty normal for normal people, but do something out of the norm like … [Read more...]

Packing a cooler for Walt Disney World


Yes, a Disney World Vacation can be expensive,  but Disney does a great job of allowing families of all sizes and budgets to have a great time!  There are all sorts of ways to cut down costs at the Parks, but maybe the most beneficial to your wallet is having the ability to pack your own cooler!That's right, Walt Disney World actually allows you to bring a cooler into the Parks, which is something not all theme parks allow you to do.  This is a HUGE money saver, especially when a coke will … [Read more...]

Walt Disney World Bucket List


Your family and you are at Walt Disney World and you know that you can’t possibly fit every single attraction or item on your long to-do list in one trip despite your best planning and strategic endeavors. Whether you are a first timer or have been to Disney more times than not, most of us have difficulty at some point in rating what attractions to put on our to-do list. Our family tries to take note as we vacation that we need to do this or try that for the next trip. Inevitably, something … [Read more...]

Save $50 on Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom

Have you ever experienced the Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida?In case you aren’t familiar with this adventure, the Wild Africa Trek is a three-hour VIP guided tour that offers guests up-close views of some of the park’s animals by foot, by safari vehicle, and by rope bridge. You can see many animals you may see on the tour, including giraffes, crocodiles, hippos and many more.There is a special offer right now for the Wild Africa … [Read more...]