Guest Images Come to Life on Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort


In a dramatic new projection show filled with special effects and magic, Cinderella Castle will transform into a shimmering canvas for images of Walt Disney World guests and the memories they made that day at Magic Kingdom.In the nighttime spectacle, photos of guests captured that very day in the park will be projected larger-than-life among the spires and turrets of Cinderella Castle.  In similar fashion, guest images will be projected onto “it’s a small world” on select nights at … [Read more...]

Disney Character Updates and News for January 2011


Walt Disney World The main change at WDW this month is the start of the "Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun!" parade in Disney's Hollywood Studios on the 16th. This "new" parade will be a modified version of Block Party Bash with various changes including adding characters from Up and Ratatouille as well as removing the interactive show stops. Also at Disney's Hollywood Studios, Leroy Small, Citizen of Hollywood, spent his last day on set this week. He has gone off to take his career to new heights … [Read more...]

California Adventure Letters Officially Removed


The letters are gone! They were removed earlier this week. I'm sad, but hopefully we'll see them somewhere else around Anaheim. In addition to the letters being removed, the walls surrounding the construction area have been spruced up. There are now images of early Disney cartoon characters (including the main Disney gang) as well as the concept art for the new entrance plaza and theater. Take a good look at the Golden Gate Bridge because that's coming down too!And … [Read more...]

Seeing the Good and Bad Sides of the SoCal Ticket Increase

Disneyland Ticket

Let's face it, no one likes it when theme parks raise their ticket prices. Disneyland recently announced that the prices of the SoCal ticket deal has been raised from $72 to $99. While many people will be up in arms about this price hike, I think we need to sit down and really analyze the situation.Yes, it's more money. We all have that freak out moment where we see gas prices went up two cents overnight or when you see your favorite snack at the grocery store costing 50 cents more than … [Read more...]

California Adventure Letters Behind Walls


The letters outside California Adventure have been completely walled off for the removal process. Guests entering the park enter a roped line alongside the wall to the theme park gates. From what I saw, this caused some back-up, but shouldn't be TOO much of a problem. (I guess we'll see in the future.)I'll be posting periodic updates from time to time regarding the letter removal as well as the construction of the new (and bigger) entrance plaza.And just so you can see the walled off … [Read more...]