Joffrey’s Coffee is Now Disney’s Official Specialty Brand Coffee


Taking into consideration I do not even drink coffee, the amount of information I have about Disney coffee is quite impressive but this is not a positive for Disney. Normally I hear about the coffee in Disney via  grumblings and comments that the only thing good about leaving Disney is a decent cup of coffee. Yes, there are a few places I hear to get good coffee...think Kona, but all in all the coffee at Disney is just not doing the job. But all that is changing, as Disney has just announced … [Read more...]

ABC’s The View will Broadcast Live from Disneyland


"The View" will broadcast live from the Disneyland in Anaheim, California November 18-22. The announcement was made  this morning on "The View".  Mickey Mouse walked on stage to cheers from the audience.This is the first time "The View" will broadcast live from the Disneyland Resort."We're thrilled to welcome 'The View' and their fans to the Disneyland Resort, and we can't wait to see how they show off their 'Disney side,'" said Michael Colglazier, President, Disneyland Resort. "What … [Read more...]

Disney Dining DIY – Disney Fall Treats you can make at home


Fall is my favorite season of all – for many reasons, but I would have to say the reason that stands out the most is the FOOD! Apple and pumpkin everything, and hot soups, baked goods, mulled cider, what could be better? Oh wait, I know what could be better – if my fall treats reminded me of all my great Walt Disney World trips! So I got to wondering, what Disney Fall treats could I make at home that would fit in with my “I love everything Fall-related” theme? Well, here are a few that I found … [Read more...]

Easy Tips to Avoid Losing your Kids at Disney World or Disneyland


If you are like me, I am in constant fear that I will lose my kids at any theme park and Disney World or Disneyland is no exception.  From one paranoid parent to another, these are the ways I reassure myself that we will happily reunited if we become separated.Keep in mind, my kids are 12 and 13 and give me a very hard time with these precautions lately.  Nonetheless, I persist.1.  At the resort, before you leave, each day...take a photo of your child.  This ensures a recent photo as … [Read more...]

Could Lord of the Rings be coming to Disney?


Howdy do peeps? It's your favorite person, Anonymouse!! Well I have some more really juicy gossip for you. It seems as though Disney and Warner Brothers have either signed a contract or might sign one in the near future to bring a "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" themed areas to the parks. I had originally heard that Universal would be picking this one up, but I guess not.Apparently Disney has started talking to executives at Warner Bros. about the idea, and it seems as though now Disney … [Read more...]