Disney World Resort Monorail to Operate on Reduced Hours


Starting on October 6 2013, the resort Monorail will not be in operation from 11am to 6pm. This is due to construction at the Grand Floridian. Guests will be able to use the extra bus and boat service from the monorail resorts.Disney has not yet confirmed a completion date, but it is said that the reduced hours will last for 2 weeks.The Epcot and Express lines are not affected by the work.Wishing you Faith, Trust, and Pixie DustSunshine … [Read more...]

Disney World Offers Full Time Jobs to Some Part Time Cast Members


Disney World offered 427 part-time Cast Members to switch to full-time status because those employees have worked enough hours during this past year to qualify as full-timers under the Affordable Care Act.However the Service Trades Council said they are hesitant to accept the offer because it could mean elevating some employees over more-senior part-timers who have been waiting for full-time positions.The 427 part-time workers in which Disney would make full-time represent only a small … [Read more...]

Disney World Moderate Resorts – The Best of Both Worlds


When you are deciding where to call "home" on your Walt Disney World vacation, there are so many factors to consider.  For many travelers, the top two factors they are trying to consider are cost and location.  Disney's Moderate Resorts really can give you the best of both worlds.  If you've never stayed at a Moderate tier resort at Walt Disney World, you are really missing out!  Today, I want to share with you how Disney's Moderate Resorts can be great choices for your next trip.Cost. … [Read more...]

Tour the Expedition Everest Attraction with a Walt Disney Imagineer


Next week, Disney is continuing “Limited Time Magic” experiences in the parks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park with daily tours of the Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain Attraction through the eyes of Walt Disney Imagineering.Each morning, from October 7-11, 2013, a group of lucky guests will venture inside the Tibetan-style stone structure at the foot of the towering Mt. Everest replica, explore a museum dedicated to the study of the Yeti (the mysterious snow monster … [Read more...]

Top 5 Underrated Magic Kingdom Attractions


The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is filled with tons of great attractions. So many, in fact, that guests can often miss some great, but lesser known attractions simply because there is so much to do. Let's take at look at our top 5 underrated Magic Kingdom attractions.5. Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse in Adventureland is a recreation of the treehouse the family built following a shipwreck in the film Swiss Family Robinson. If you have an interest in treehouses or have seen the movie, … [Read more...]