250 Disney World Employees to be Replaced by Outsourcing

Disney World Sign

In October, 250 Disney employees were given pink slips and some of them were told that they would have to train the foreign employees that would take over their job. These jobs are being transferred to immigrants on temporary visas for highly skilled technical workers. They were brought in by an outsourcing firm located in India.These employees are some of the most important in how things flow at Disney World. They are data/tech employees. They keep computers running smoothly so that your … [Read more...]

Disney Finds – The Magic Kingdom is my home


The Magic Kingdom feels like a second home for me. The sights, sounds, and even smells of this home away from home brings me back to my childhood.For sale now is our popular Cinderella Castle home design in white. It is on sale on the Chip and Co Tee Public Store for the next 24 hours for $14 then the price jumps up to $19, so get yours while it is on sale to save a few bucks!If the white lettering is not you thing you could always order it in black. … [Read more...]

Disney Finds – Starbucks you are here mugs


I fell in love with this Starbucks You are here collection when it first released a few months ago. It combines my love of Disney with Starbucks, cause really a little Starbucks and Disney is all I need. Our friend Courtney from Mouse to your house has all 4 of the mugs on sale for $25, so now is your chance to pick them up!Here they are:Epcot Hollywood Studios Magic Kingdom Animal KingdomWhile you are on her site don't forget to pick up the Tumblers! These mugs would make … [Read more...]

Disney Hand Sanitizers Join a Summer of New Souvenirs at Disney Parks


This summer, Disney Theme Park Merchandise is introducing several new souvenirs at Disney Parks. These items will make great gifts for loved ones or serve as a nice memory from your Disney vacation.There will be approximately 20 new hand sanitizers arriving at Disney Parks in late June and early-to-mid July. The artwork features popular Disney characters including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Anna, Elsa and other select Disney Princesses. Sleeping Beauty Castle from Disneyland park and … [Read more...]

Disney Finds – Minnie Mouse Sparkling Star Sequin Ear Headband


Just in time for summer and Independence Day Disney has brought back the Minnie Mouse Sparkling Star Sequin Ear Headband and our friend Courtney from Mouse to your House was able to pick up a few for our fans.At $29.95 this would be a cute addition for those Minnie Mouse Ear Collectors.To learn more and to order your just click here or any of he links above. … [Read more...]

Could price change be coming to Resort Refillable Mugs?

Green Rapid Fill Mug

Hey Disney World peeps! You know who this is! I know you only read this blog to read my gossip so here is some more for you! I have been hearing a lot about a price change coming to the Resort Refillable Mugs, so of course Chiperoo, the slave-driver, made me go around and see what I could find.I am sure you know that the mugs are priced by days or you can purchase one for your entire length of stay. Well it appears as though in some resorts the pay by the day option has gone bye-bye and they … [Read more...]

Disney World will soon get a Solar Facility


Duke Energy is building a solar facility near Epcot that will provide Disney World with solar power.The Reedy Creek Improvement District voted recently to accept a 15-year agreement with Duke Energy. They will lease the land from Disney. The solar facility will take up about 20 acres or so near World Drive and Epcot Center Drive.Construction is supposed to start in the middle of summer and it should be up and working by the end of the year.I know what you are wondering, will there be … [Read more...]

Could Disney World Soon Have a Variable Ticket Price?

Disney variable pay schedule

Aloha! I have been a very busy little bee lately, I hope you read my 24 Hour gossip from yesterday. Today's gossip is not the fun kind that I love so much! I really hope they don't do this but you never know! The question is how much would you pay to go to Disney World? I think I pay too much already. Don't get me wrong it is worth every dollar but I only have so many dollars! You would think the more prices go up the less people would go but it seems to be the opposite. So, I guess they figure … [Read more...]

‘Eat to the Beat’ Concert Series at 2015 Epcot Food & Wine Festival Line Up


In January, we let you in on the dates for this year’s Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. Did you know this year is the 20th anniversary of the festival!Just released was the lineup for 2015’s “Eat to the Beat” concert series.Here’s the full list. Hope your favorite is on there!David Cook – September 25-27, 2015 Wilson Phillips – September 28-29, 2015 Christopher Cross – September 30-October 1, 2015 Starship – October 2-4, 2015 Smash Mouth – October 5-7, … [Read more...]

Could There be Another 24 Hour Event Coming to Disney?


Did you make it the full 24 hours this year? I did about half! Hi ya ladies and gents, it is I Anonymouse delivering the best in Disney Gossip.Let me get right to it because this is HUGE!  Rumors have been swirling lately that there is yet another Disney 24 hour event on the horizon, and very soon! As soon as July 17th!Yes I said July 17th of this year!!! I don't have much more info about this right now but you know that as soon as I know you will know. Just don't tell Chippy, he gets … [Read more...]