Three Pixar Films Coming To The Big Screen!

 Disney Pixar has three big films coming our way.  Two of them sequels to favorite films.   Coming to theatres this Thanksgiving 2015, "The Good Dinosaur" will take us on a prehistoric adventure with Arlo, an Apatosurus who becomes friends with a "human" and asks the question - what if  the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed and dinosaurs never became extinct?   With just a few months before the release, this Pixar fan is excited to see and hear more about "The Good … [Read more...]

Meet The Cast of Disney / Pixar’s Inside Out!

Disney Pixar Studios brought together the cast from their upcoming new movie "Inside Out" for a hysterical hour of questions, answers and comments.Phyllis Smith (Sadness), Bill Hader (Fear), Amy Poehler (Joy), Lewis Black (Anger) and Mindy Kaling (Disgust) walked into the conference room and immediately had the audience laughing.The first question asked was the casts' reaction when they read the screenplay.  Phyllis was excited, while Bill, who is a huge fan was offered the part of Fear … [Read more...]

Disney releases new trailer for “Inside Out”

Disney Pixar brings us the latest trailer for their upcoming movie, "Inside Out" which takes us on a different journey than ever before, inside our mind.    The story centers on Riley who is having a hard time dealing with the family's move from her quiet Midwestern home town to San Francisco.  Riley deals with the move and life in general with the help of her emotions -  Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith) who are all … [Read more...]

Disney Pixar’s New Movie Inside Out

Disney Pixar's new movie "Inside Out" takes us on a different journey than ever before.  With Monster's Inc and UP, Pixar took us into the world of Monsters and far away adventures.  "Inside Out" has the movie audience going into one of the most extraordinary locations yet..inside the mind.The movie is about Riley, who has to deal with not only growing up, but now having to move from her quiet life in the Midwest to a new place called San Francisco.   Riley deals with this move with the help … [Read more...]

Is a sequel to Brave on the horizon?

Awrite (Scottish for Hi), ladies and gents! It is I, Anonymouse, here once again to bring you some Disney Gossip. Today's Disney Gossip takes us overseas to a land faraway. Is a sequel to Brave on the horizon?According to Mark Andrews, the director of Oscar-winning Disney Pixar's Brave, hinted there may be in the "right story" came up. While we do know that Mr Andrews is currently working on another animated film set in Scotland, my sources say it is not related to Brave. Mr. Andrews is … [Read more...]

Pixar Canada Closes

Disney has decided to shut down Pixar Canada in Vancouver, Canada. This has eliminated about 100 jobs.Disney spokesperson Barb Matheson said “A decision was made to refocus operations and resources under the one roof, Staff were just told today. Not great news, obviously.”Disney originally went to Vancouver by tax incentives, and this closure is because of British Columbia incentives were not as good as those being offered by Ontario and Quebec.It is a possibility the magical mouse … [Read more...]

Disney Store Debuts New Products at D23 Expo

 Disney fans attending the D23 Expo, will get an exclusive first-look at several new product lines from Disney Store. The new collections, featuring some of Disney’s most beloved characters, will be unveiled throughout the course of the three-day event at the Disney Store located in the Disney Consumer Products Pavilion. Fans will have the chance to meet and hear from the artists and designers who created these exciting new collections.Disney Store guests will get a first look at … [Read more...]

Come Out and Play at the D23 Expo

 Disney Interactive is inviting fans to experience the latest digital offerings from Disney at the D23 Expo, August 9–11, giving fans hands-on experiences, first-look presentations, and exclusive D23 Expo giveaways. With a great lineup of upcoming games and products.Arena Presentation: On Sunday, August 11, fans won’t want to miss “To Infinity and Beyond: Disney Interactive Takes the Stage,” Disney Interactive’s first ever D23 Expo Arena Presentation. Kicking off at noon, Disney … [Read more...]

New Monsters University themed Flavorz item at United Fresh

Crunch Pak will launch of Blue Raspberry Flavorz to show off its university spirit at United Fresh 2013. These monster inspired Crunch Paks were created in conjunction with Disney Consumer Products. The launch of Blue Raspberry Flavorz coincides with the release of the latest movie from Disney Pixar, Monsters University, which will open in theaters June 21, 2013.Crunch Pak first introduced Flavorz in 2012 with three different flavors that were each developed with input from kids between the … [Read more...]

Disney-Pixar Announces New Movie “Inside Out” Coming in 2015

Disney-Pixar has announced this week via Twitter another new movie in the works, "Inside Out." Although all the talk has been on Disney-Pixar's announcement of the new Finding Dory movie that will be released November 2015, Disney-Pixar is hoping to add to the excitement with another original film planned for the summer of 2015.The announcement was made via their official Twitter account, @DisneyPixar. "We have an announcement! Inside Out, the new film from director Pete Docter, will open in … [Read more...]