Capturing Disney in Pictures: Haunted Mansion, Florida Style

 Every photo has a story.People enjoy being scared for fun, and what better place than a haunted house?  Studies show up to 40% of Americans believe in house-haunting. So nearly one in two people believe, more than they believe in any other paranormal actitity, that spirits haunt houses.  Your buddy standing next to you right now?  He probably believes.  He's listening for rattling chains.So of course Walt Disney incorporated a haunted house into plans for his new theme … [Read more...]

Keys to the Kingdom Lesson: Chess Anyone?

Today, I am sharing another tidbit of information I discovered while on my recent Keys to the Kingdom Tour at the Magic Kingdom. After our morning stroll down Main Street, we headed over to Adventureland and Liberty Square to learn a little about a man named Marc Davis.If you have ever looked around while in the queue at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, you have probably noticed the scene of two skeletons sitting at a chess game. If you have looked even closer, you have probably noticed … [Read more...]

Brain-Eating Zombies Invade Disney’s Haunted Mansion

Yeah you read that topic correctly. Disney the home of princesses, fairy tales, and happily ever afters has been invaded by Zombies.. Did that get you scared? Didn't think so..Well here is an article that talks about Bob Iger's strategy of how Disney is reinventing themselves, including the new Dan Vado comic book about the Haunted Mansion: When Walt Disney Co. asked publisher Dan Vado to make a series of comic books based on its Haunted Mansion theme-park ride, he worried that the empire built … [Read more...]

Haunted Mansion Meets A Nightmare Before Christmas

A great video of Disneyland Haunted Mansion … [Read more...]

The Nightmare Before Christmas – lots and lots of videos

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas gets the DVD/Blu-ray treatment and has never looked any better.Click read article for more Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas videos..including Disney's Haunted Mansion. … [Read more...]

Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion turns 40 years old

Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion celebrates its 40th anniversary this weekend.Here is the Nightmare before Christmas theme … [Read more...]