Epcot’s Frozen Meet and Greet News and Gossip

Anna and Elsa Meet and Greet

Hiya, it's me, Anonymouse here again with some more Frozen news and a little gossip. The Frozen Meet and Greet of Anna & Elsa has been extremely popular ever since they began greeting guests in Epcot's Norway Pavilion. Will they continue to meet and greet their fans through the end of the year?A couple of days ago on February 9 at Epcot's Norway Pavilion, the Frozen meet and greet began testing new operating hours lasting until February 15 2014. Beginning 2 hours earlier in the morning, … [Read more...]

24 Hour Character Party at the Magic Kingdom – Yes, Please!

Did you make it 24 hours

Howdy Hi, girls and guys! It's your favorite Disney Gossip Columnist here -- Anonymouse! Well, I've been a tiptoeing around Magic Kingdom lately looking for some amazing gossip just for you. If you missed my post last night about Push the Talking Trashcan you can check it out here. Now I hearing there's going to be a 24 Hour Character Party at the Magic Kingdom.So, you're probably wondering when this is rumored to be happening. My sources say it's in May, around Memorial Day like last year! … [Read more...]

Disney World’s Rapid Fill Secure Refillable Mugs is a big Failure

wdw mug

Howdy guys and gals! It's me - Anonymouse back with some Walt Disney World Resort gossip for you. Chippy has had me scurrying about to gather more and more gossip for you! I've heard that Rapid Fill Secure Refillable Mugs Program is a BIG failure! That's right, folks, Disney is losing money hand over fist on this program.Disney now has new Resort Mugs with a chip in them which costs extra and drives the prices of the mugs up. Not only that, but Disney had to install systems to read these … [Read more...]

Will Disney’s ‘Tomorrowland’ be filmed in part at Disneyland?


Oh My Disney!!! Disney Addicts have I got some news for you! Your favorite Disney Gossip Writer, Anonymouse, here with some more Disney Gossip. This time we're heading to Disneyland for a little Tomorrowland Gossip.My sources say that on Feb 4th and possibly Feb 5th, George Clooney will be at Disneyland filming Brad Bird's film, Tomorrowland. The film's crew have already traveled to WDW, Canada, and the UK for filming. It just makes sense for Disneyland to be next on the list.Will they … [Read more...]

DVC Members Unhappy and Avoiding the Disney Parks

Disney Vacation Club Logo - New

Boy Oh Boy! Disney did not count on this one. It's Anonymouse here with some big Disney Vacation Club Member news.I've been chit-chatting with some DVC Members lately. It seems that more and more DVC Members are staying away from Walt Disney World Parks. There is a resistance group among DVC Members and it is growing stronger. Sure, DVC Members will book the DVC Resorts, but they aren't spending all their money on WDW Parks!More and more DVC Members are saying enough with Disney raising … [Read more...]