World of Color Meal Plans – A World of Choices


“World of Color” is all about color, music, water, fun and the pleasures of Disney storytelling.  To make the experience even more wonderful at Disney California Adventure park, it can be paired with delicious food and beverage selections.  Before arriving at the park, guests also will be able to pre-purchase a meal that comes with reserved viewing for “World of Color.”Guests may choose from several different meals that include reserved viewing in Paradise Park.  These provide a … [Read more...]

Disney Food Confession – Chocolate Moose


Where is it? Le Cellier Steakhouse - Epcot's Canadian Pavilion, DisneyworldWhat is it? Chocolate Mousse rolled in Toasted Chocolate Crumbs with Maple Leaf AntlersWhy you want it? Almost don't want to eat it, it is that darn cute.Photo Credit: by bbqben via flickrIf you have a Disney Food Confession email or let us know on the Disney Food Confessions Facebook page.. He is accepting Food ideas or Photos if you have them! … [Read more...]

Ask a Disney Question: Is there a dining plan for Disneyland?


This question comes from Christina, who asks:  "Is there a Disney Dining Plan for Disneyland.  I hear you guys talk about Disneyworld all the time what about Disneyland?Christina, thanks for reading and for your question.  I'll answer your second question first:  We mainly talk about  Disney World because it's the resort we go to the most often, but we're hoping to rectify that in the future and put out more Disneyland information.There isn't technically a dining plan  at Disneyland, at … [Read more...]

Character Dining: Worth Every Penny or Overpriced?


There’s no one size fits all Disney experience and the same can be said of character dining. Whether you think character dining is worth every penny or overpriced is largely a matter of opinion. It’s all about how you define value when it comes to dining at Walt Disney World. The 411 on Character Dining Character dining meals at Walt Disney World are an opportunity for your child to meet some favorite Disney characters up close and personal. The characters are integrated into each meal’s … [Read more...]

Walt Disney World – Frontierland Turkey Leg


What is it about a turkey leg that drives the Disney Foodies crazy? Is it the carnivore spirit in all of us that just loves these delicious portable meals on a stick (of sorts). Is it the smokey goodness that is injected in this delicious treat?Whatever it may be it seems everyone is crazy over this meaty treat.Here is a fun video from Unwrapped on the Food Network … [Read more...]