My Disney Experience planning for a Toddler’s Walt Disney World Trip.

 Going to Walt Disney World with a toddler is something that causes anxiety in many parents. There are so many questions and expectations that for some it can be a little overwhelming. My best advice is, flexible planning. Have a plan, know what you want to accomplish, but also be willing to go with the flow when plans change.The first trip with my son was also my first trip using My Disney Experience and Magic Bands. I knew very little about them, and did the best I could. My … [Read more...]

Top 10 Rides at Disney World for Teens

Walt Disney World. Just the name of this magical place evokes images of little girls in princess dresses, young pirates with their swords, and little faces lighting up with joy from a hug from the main man himself-Mickey Mouse. Sometimes people might think that there isn't as much for teenagers to enjoy at Disney. After all, a ride on Small World may not be quite as exciting to a teenager as it is to a younger child. (Unless your teenager is like me at that age-I loved it then and I still love … [Read more...]

When your child has a MUST DO item on their Disney Vacation

When you ask your little one what they want to see the most on their upcoming trip, they will most likely say one of the newest and most popular things currently in the park!This is one thing that you must plan ahead for, unless of course you don't mind spending 3 hours in line to see Merida! Kids like what is popular, so you should expect that hundreds of other parents are going to be trying to get their little ones that coveted picture too!Here are some tips to help you avoid hours in … [Read more...]

FastPass+ Testing at Fantasmic! April 22nd – 27th

Hello to all my friends at Chip and Co.! It's me again, Anonymouse! There has been plenty of Disney gossip and rumors lately and you all know I want to share them with my Chip and Co. friends! This time, I have new MyMagic+ updates to share with all of you! I know everyone has been wondering what the future of MyMagic+ will be and when testing will begin for each phase. We're all excited to see the new FastPass+ and Magic Bands that will be created with the new MyMagic+ system.As most of you … [Read more...]

New Information on Disney My Magic+ MagicBands

Lately I have noticed there is a lot of chatter and all anyone wants to talk about, complain about or gossip about is the Disney My Magic+ MagicBands that are being tested at Walt Disney World. As per usual, Disney has let little nuggets of info slip out here and there about these magical wrist bands...just enough to have people talking and clamoring for more. Well, they just have released some new details recently that has interesting written all over it.Read below these details and then … [Read more...]

Updates & Details on Disney’s My Magic+

Hey there guys and gals Anonymouse here. I have been looking high and low for some gossip today and not only have I found a tidbit of new information but I think it will help answer some questions that I don't think Chip could.Walt Disney Parks and Resorts  are always looking for ways to take what they do and do it even better. In the coming months they will be testing and rolling out a collection of tools at the Walt Disney World Resort called Disney's My Magic+ that will give Guests more … [Read more...]

Alleviate stress on your Walt Disney World Vacation

When Walt Disney World travelers envision their trips they think of perfect weather, smiling children, wonderful food, characters surrounding them. While all of these things can be true when traveling to Disney World, a trip to Disney can be tiring, stressful and a little bit of work. There are plenty of ways that to alleviate stress on your Walt Disney World Vacation.Understand the sizeWalt Disney World covers 46 square miles of property, has 4 main theme parks 2 water parks and … [Read more...]

Taking the Disney Guest Experience to the Next Level by adding My Magic+

 Disney officially releases all new details on the My Magic+ system on their blog today. This should be interesting to see how they are able to roll out this new service.  Here is the article from Disney Parks Blog. At Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, we continually push the boundaries of creativity and innovation to deliver the best possible experience for our guests. We’re always looking for ways to take what we do and do it even better. Over the past few years, we’ve … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Online Check In now at 60 Days!

Hey there guys and gals Anonymouse here. I have been looking high and low for some gossip today and not only have I found a tidbit of new information but I think it will help Chimps Chip's vacation get even easier. As many of you are aware Disney has started to update and revamping their website. After being down for a day or so it is up  for you folks to plan vacations like normal. Many of our readers had stumbled across that it was allowing them to do online check in and they were more than … [Read more...]

Get Things “In Line” Before You’re Waiting in a Line at Disney Parks

Have you ever thought about the ridiculous things we do to our kids?  We really do some strange things!  We take cranky kids into department stores, expecting them to be able to make it through a four-hour shopping spree.  Then we get frustrated when we have to scoot out of crowds, carrying a child who is  literally falling apart with a temper tantrum.  We dress our kids up at the Disney Parks, wait in long lines for Rides, and force them to do Meet & Greets with Disney Characters. Can you … [Read more...]