California Grill Takes Disney Restaurant Scene to New Heights, Reopening Sept. 9

Earlier we released some beautiful photos and videos from the all new California Grill in case you missed them.With sweeping views of Walt Disney World Resort from the 15th floor of Disney’s Contemporary Resort, California Grill opens its doors on September 9 following a major makeover that redefines Disney’s culinary scene.The spacious dining room is transformed with a modern style that captures the spirit of California throughout the design scheme.Cuisine, too, has been reimagined … [Read more...]

Disney Quick Tip – Make a Park Plan

A Disney World Vacation can be overwhelming with all the options from dining to what park to go to and what rides to hit. How can you make the most of your Disney trip? Make a park plan before you go!Whether you are a zealous planner or detest it entirely, there are several sites and apps to help you on your park planning journey. On the Disney website, you can create your own custom park maps by clicking here. You can select only the rides that you want to go on, so your maps are custom to … [Read more...]

Disney Quick Tips – Share An Entree at Disney World To Save Money

Sharing entrees at Disney World is a great idea! At many Disney restaurants, the portions are huge. Whole entrees at Disney are often just too much food for one person to eat. I almost always share an entree with a family member at Disney and have never felt like I didn't get enough to eat. If someone else in your party is interested in the same entree as you, just order one to split. Chances are you will both get more than enough to fill you up.Splitting entrees is also a great way to save … [Read more...]

DIY Disney Drinks – ‘Ohana’s Lapu Lapu at Walt Disney World

Lots of folks think that Walt Disney World is just for kids, but that definitely not the case – and especially so when it comes to the drink menus at their amazing restaurants – they are full of fun adult drinks, with someone that everyone can enjoy!‘Ohana is located at Disney’s Polynesian Resort and is one of the most popular Resort restaurants on property. Why, you might ask? Well, they serve up family style breakfast and dinner (family style = all you can eat!) with classic menu items in … [Read more...]

Tipping at Walt Disney World

"Are tips included?", is probably one of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Disney Dining Plan. In order to help with your Disney vacation budgeting, we have put together a list of common situations for tipping.The Disney Dining Plan is a convenient add-on option that allows you to prepay for your meals prior to your Walt Disney World vacation. Tipping wait staff at buffets and table service restaurants is customary; however you are not expected to tip at snack locations and … [Read more...]

Do I Really Need To Make ADRs?

There are many great table service restaurants to choose from at Walt Disney World. For many of them, guests will have the option to make Advanced Dining Reservations, ADRs. All Disney guests can make ADRs 180 days prior to the day they will be dining at the restaurant of their choice. Guests staying on Disney property are able to make ADRs 180 prior to their check-in date plus 10 days, so essentially 190 days ahead of time. Planning your dining experiences 6 months out may seem like excessive … [Read more...]

Disney Dining Wish List

If you are familiar with Disney Dining, you know that there are many experiences and cuisines from which to choose. Narrowing your choices can be quite a task.Since there are not enough days during your Walt Disney World vacation to visit all of the restaurants, you may want to make a running Disney Dining Wish List. Select the Disney Dining that you want to reserve for your upcoming trip and keep adding to the list of restaurants that you would like to try on your future … [Read more...]

Rainforest Cafe’s Lava Lounge Opens in Downtown Disney Orlando

There’s a place to eat and drink at Downtown Disney Orlando that is also a feast for the eyes! The Lava Lounge at Rainforest Cafe is now open! Next time you visit Rainforest Cafe without  a reservation, you can head just to the left of the main entrance and just passed the crocodile (more about him later!) to find this welcome sight. If there is a table open - you can just seat yourself immediately - no reservation required. The Lava Lounge has the full Rainforest Cafe Menu including all the fun … [Read more...]

Money Saving Tips For Your Next Disney Vacation

If you've ever planned a Walt Disney World vacation, you know visiting the mouse is not cheap! Between airfare, park tickets, and hotel, you can end up spending thousands of dollars on your dream vacation. Once you arrive at Disney, you may also have additional expenses including food and souvenirs. Fortunately, there are several easy ways you can save money on your Disney vacation!Stay At A Value Resort - For many families, most of their time at Disney is spent in the parks and not at the … [Read more...]

Early Morning Dining at Walt Disney World Resort

Early morning dining at Walt Disney World can be a great experience! Not only will you get a head start on your Disney day by eating early, but depending on which restaurant you choose, you might even get to experience the parks almost completely empty. Imagine getting a photo of Cinderella Castle before the park opens!If you're relying on Disney transportation for your vacation, early morning dining might seem to pose a problem. Disney buses begin running one hour prior to park opening, but … [Read more...]