Make your own Disney’s Magic, Memories, and You Show

Now you can create your own personalized Disney World Magic, Memories, and You Castle Show. Just click this link and give Disney access to your Facebook so it can pair up your pictures. Then watch Goofy share the fun!I still think its a work in progress as many of my pictures were not centered on a persons face. Still its very cool and fun to play around with.What do you think?  Related articlesDisney World Vacation Souvenirs for the Budget Conscious ( The … [Read more...]

Top 5 Magic Kingdom Hidden Details

Anyone who has been to Walt Disney World knows that Disney specializes in the details; and I’m always on the look-out for new details or hidden Disney magic that isn’t so easy to find! Today I’m sharing with you my favorie Magic Kingdom hidden details that I have discovered on my visits to the park. Enjoy!5. Cinderella's Wishing Well-Located on the path running around the castle near Tomorrowland, you will find a wishing well sitting just off the path facing the castle! You can tell by its … [Read more...]

Visiting Disneyland – What to expect from a Disney World point of view

So you've been to Walt Disney World, and now you've decided you want to make a trip to the place where the magic began. Disneyland is as special and magical as can be, and it is also VERY different from Walt Disney World.Here are some things to expect when you head to Disneyland:Booking your trip: Things are different in Disneyland, the Dining Plan is actually meal vouchers (purchased at a discount rate then redeemed at participating restaurants), and their Advance Dining Reservations … [Read more...]

Inside & Behind the Cinderella Castle Suite!

That would be so cool to stay in there at night. It would be like the park was all yours. From the WDW Plugged In Podcast, this takes a look inside, & behind the Cinderella Castle Suite … [Read more...]