Will Jack And The Beanstalk Get A Touch of Breaking Bad?

Breaking Bad

Vince Gilligan, creator of the AMC drama, Breaking Bad, has teamed up with Walt Disney Pictures to adapt the well known fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk.While the studio is still in negotiations, Gilligan has already written a treatment and brought on Thomas Schnauz to write the script.  Schnauz was a writer and co-executive producer on Breaking Bad.  Jack and the Beanstalk will be produced by Vince Gilligan and Mark Johnson and will bring us the familiar tale of the young boy, a handful of … [Read more...]

Pinocchio Is Next In Line For Live Action Movie


Walt Disney Studios is taking all their classics out of the vault and turning them into live action movies.   Along with the recent release of Cinderella and the announcement of many others, including Mulan, Winnie the Pooh, The Jungle Book, and Beauty and the Beast to name a few, now comes the story of our favorite wooden puppet that turns into a real boy!Peter Hedges is taking the classic we are all familiar with and like the other live action movies, putting a bit of a twist into the … [Read more...]

Mulan Joins The List Of Disney’s Upcoming Live Action Movies


Walt Disney Studios appears to be getting ready to add Mulan to their growing list of Live Action movies based on animated favorites.    With the request for a script of the heroine, Hua Mulan, from 1998's animated feature film, Mulan, Disney plans to continue giving fans a whole new take on some of the older Disney favorites.    With the release of Cinderella which debuted at #1 at the box office and several other live action films in various stages of production, Disney is going to dominate … [Read more...]

Top 10 Ways to Have Cinderella-Inspired Fun at Walt Disney World Resort


With the release of the animated classic, Cinderella has been capturing the heart of princesses (and princes) young and old for over 65 years! As this weekend’s No. 1 box office smash the new, live action  “Cinderella” is enchanting audiences nationwide, the magic of Cinderella plays out on a grand scale each day at Walt Disney World Resort.Here are 10 ways to have a Cinderella-inspired stay at Walt Disney World Resort.1. Dine like Royalty at Cinderella’s Royal Table Meeting Cinderella, … [Read more...]

ABC Family Prepares for Princess Funday!


“Gather your Princess posse, pop a bottle of champagne and raise your glass to some nostalgic girl power with a side of romance. The weekend is the perfect time to don your tiaras and spend a couple of nights with your real-life (and reel-life) strong gal pals – the Princesses Tiana, Ariel, Aurora, Cinderella and Pocahantas – when “Princess Funday” begins on Saturday, March 21st and continues on Sunday, March 22nd, 2015.But the entertainment doesn’t stop there! You and your merry band of … [Read more...]