Laugh and Learn with Chip and Co on Disney Parks Podcast

In between Chip and Co. articles this week, we hope you will tune in to episode 67 of the Disney Parks Podcast. Laugh and learn with Chip and Sarah Norris as we discuss top picks for the 100 Disney foods and drinks you should put on your bucket list!Hi, it's Krista, writer for Chip and, and co-host of the Disney Parks Podcast.Please join Tony Casselnova, Parkhopper Sid (Sarah Irene Donahue!) and I, as we welcome special guests Chip -  head author at Chip & … [Read more...]

Disney Food for Less – How to save money while at WDW

Planning, Budgeting, and Saving for Walt Disney World Vacations are a way of life at the Chip and Co Household. I am constantly looking for ways to save some extra money so I can make yet another trip to our home away from home.Each time we go to Disney World we learn some type of new tip and trick to saving money at the parks. While many of these tips work if you are not on the Disney Dining Plan there are still some options for you if you are an avid DDP user. So lets take a look at my … [Read more...]

Chip and Co T-Shirt Shop is now open for business

Now is your chance to own a piece of history. Ok not really but the Chip and Co T-Shirt Store is now open for business.We have partnered up with a great company Embroid Me out of NJ to offer to you some great high quality Chip and Co Gear to sport around the Disney Parks. We have T-Shirts, Polos, Hoodies, you name it.Also we are offering you a chance to design your own T-Shirts for your Disney Vacations or fun outing. Our friends at Embroid Me can work with you to design anything you … [Read more...]

Dying for 2013 Disney World Free Dining? Chip has your back!

If you are one of many DYING for Disney to release Free Dining Packages for 2013 then this is an article for you!Sign up today for our email list and be the  FIRST to get an email when those rates are released.Chip and Co. has decided to start a list of those interested in free dining offers for 2013 . By submitting your information for this list you will be the FIRST to get a direct email from us  telling you that 2013 Free Dining has been released.You can also include what you are … [Read more...]

Saving on Souvenirs at Walt Disney World

For many of us the trips we plan to Disney are about making memories, family time and good old-fashioned fun.  For our kids it's about all that...and the souvenirs.  Let's face it Disney is pretty good at tempting us adults too!  They have exclusive Park Only merchandise and the cutest little sweatshirts, stuffed toys, trading pins...OH MY!  I could go on and on.  They have not been in business for this long without knowing how to merchandise.  Here are a few tips to keep your wallet happy as … [Read more...]

More Buses to Receive Cameras for Safety

After testing cameras on a couple of buses, Walt Disney Transportation has decided to install four cameras in every bus in the fleet. For the safety of everyone aboard, three will be exterior, while one will be interior.I recently saw one of the buses in the test run. It appears that at least one camera is focused on the load zones of the buses. I do hope this will cut down on some of the rowdiness at the bus stops.How do you feel about cameras on buses? Do you think other modes of … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips and Tricks: Dark Ride Etiquette Part Two

For first time visitors to Disney Parks, dark ride etiquette may seem confusing. Some rides allow photos with no external lighting, while others are somewhat vague. That’s just the tip of the iceberg concerning Dark Ride Etiquette.Here is my part 2 of  Top 5Dark Ride Do's, the sequel to my Don'ts.Peter Pan's Flight. With the technology of new DSLR cameras, some striking photos can be captured on this ride without the flash. Timing has to be spot on, but most photographers know that is … [Read more...]

Everything You Wanted to know about Disney’s PhotoPass Service

One of the things that people seem to continually ask about on the Facebook Group "You Might Be a Disney Addict" is to ask about Disney's Photopass service, the ins and outs of it, and whether it is worth it.  Since my family has ordered the Photopass CD the last two years, I told Chip that I would write about it when he asked if anyone would cover it.First, a little background.  Most of you have probably seen the Disney PhotoPass Photographers throughout the parks, and have probably even … [Read more...]

Disneyland: Sunrise to Sunrise by TouringPlans author and photographer Tom Bricker

Disneyland: Sunrise to Sunrise is the first TouringPlans eBook, which is a collection of over 200 photos from one single operational day in Disneyland, specifically “One More Disney Day.” Touring Plans author Tom Bricker captured all of the photos in the eBook as he ran around Disneyland during the course of that morning, day, night, and morning (again). He was one of the crazy Disneyland guests in the park on “One More Disney Day” from start to the very finish, and he snapped hundreds of photos … [Read more...]


It's beginning!!!Walt Disney World announced today Free Dining for Disney Visa Cardholders. The travel dates for this offer are:September 30 – October 4, 2012 October 19 – November 1, 2012 November 9 – 15, 2012 November 23 – 29, 2012 December 10 – 13, 2012As long as you check in during one of these dates listed above you will qualify for the free dining offer.  You can extend outside of these dates as long as the start of your vacation falls within these dates listed.If … [Read more...]