Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Comic Book!

Coming to a store near you this March 2015, is the newest Disney Kingdoms Comic Book Series.  As a book lover and of course, a Disney Addict, any book about Disney is going to become a favorite.  This new one called Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #1 is a collaboration between Marvel Comics and Walt Disney Imagineering.  The first two books, Seekers of the Weird and Figment bring us new adventures inspired by the lands, attractions, characters and world of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts we all … [Read more...]

Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to Get an Overhaul

On January 7th, Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain is set to close for the better part of the year as it gets a new paint job, tracks and vehicles.This is the third major refurb of a ride at Disneyland in as many years. The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has been open in the Frontierland section since 1979. The ride is themed as a runaway train that speeds through the Old West and is a park favorite.The overhaul does include new vehicles similar to what Disneyland did with Matterhorn's … [Read more...]

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad To Get New Interactive Queue And Expanded Storyline

"Hang onto your hats and glasses, folks, cause this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness!"  Exciting news from the Magic Kingdom as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is going to be getting an updated story line and queue!The Disney Parks Blog has reported the enhanced backstory which has introduced Barnabas T. Bullion, a gold magnate who ruled the Big Thunder Mining Company.The back story tells the tale of Barnabus, the founder and president of the Big Thunder Mining Company.  He is … [Read more...]

The Magic Kingdom – Why It’s Worth Waking Up Early For

Many people like to relax, take it easy, and sleep in on vacation. I am all for relaxation, but when I am vacationing at Walt Disney World, I personally prefer to get up early and make the most of my days at the Parks. My favorite Park by far is the Magic Kingdom, and I think in part because it's a very accommodating Park for those of us who like to get an early start to our day!So why should you wake up early for the Magic Kingdom? Well, here are the top 5 reasons:Rope Drop - Every … [Read more...]

Top Five Best Uses of Fastpass

Fastpasses are available at many attractions at Disney World, but how do you determine which ones will be the most useful or which ones to grab early on and which ones can wait til later in the day? Lucky for you I am here to give you my opinion on the top five best ways to use your fastpasses!Here is a brief rundown of the fastpass system: Fastpass is a free perk offered to all park guests. When you arrive at a fastpass attraction simply head to the distribution area, insert you park pass … [Read more...]