Onboard Chat Now Available on Disney Cruise Line

Guests can now chat with each other, similar to texting, onboard all four Disney Cruise Line ships through the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app.The Disney Cruise Line Navigator app, available for both Apple and Android devices, gives cruisers the convenience of having the Navigator, the daily newsletter distributed to guests each evening, in an electronic version on their phones or tablets.  And now, guests can chat with other cruisers also on-board, keeping them in touch with their friends … [Read more...]

The Disney Inquizitive App gets an Update

Today the Disney Inquizitive app is introducing trivia quizzes, giving fans a whole new way to test their Disney knowledge! These new quizzes will challenge how well players know Disney movies, characters, quotes, and other trivia, and will range from categories including Fantasy & Villains, House of Mouse, Action & Adventure, Style, Love & Friendship, and Throwback. The app also lets users share their scores, see how they rank among friends, and compare results in-app or via … [Read more...]

Disney Brings Coloring Books to Life with Disney Color and Play App

Disney Color and Play app is partnering with Bendon coloring books in an innovative way!Using special, high quality 4-D technology – kids can watch their favorite Disney characters come to life straight out of the pages of a unique Bendon coloring book! ​Once the Disney Color and Play app is opened on the device, hover the device's camera over special coloring pages and watch as a child’s coloring animates on the iPad screen — and remains on-screen even as the child moves … [Read more...]

WDW Pics 2 App Review

If you’re like me, you always have a Disney themed background on your electronic devices. Well, I recently discovered an awesome app available on iTunes called WDW Pics 2. This app features over 50 different professional photos from Walt Disney World that you can use as the wallpaper for your Apple devices. It also lets you make a collage of photos using both the photos in the app and your own photos – how cool is that?As a professional photographer, I generally only use my own photos from … [Read more...]

Apple Names Disney’s Animated App of the Year

Apple has picked Disney Animated as it’s Best iPad App of 2013! This is the first time Disney has been awarded this commendation and the app was selected out of the 100,000 iPad apps launching on the App Store in 2013.Disney Animated is an iPad app which gives fans unparalleled access to an amazing amount of content, including text, art, sound, images, interviews and interactive activities, spanning all eras of Walt Disney Animation Studios history, many previously unavailable to the … [Read more...]

Disney Junior Digital Magazine Review

If you have young kids you are going to want to subscribe to the new Disney Junior  digital magazine available in the app store or Apple Newsstand.My son and I spent hours playing with this interactive magazine and let me tell you, it was a big hit with both of us. The issue we read was called "Everyone's an Artist," and there were lots of games relating to color and art work.  My son loved all of the coloring and the ability to choose which color virtual crayon he would use with each new … [Read more...]

Disney Publishing Launches Digital Edition of Disney Junior Magazine

Disney Junior is a staple in my house and in the homes of many other families with small children. Because of this, the announcement yesterday from Disney Publishing World Wide that their new digital magazine, Disney Junior, will be hitting Apple Newsstands soon has been met with great excitement!Andrew Sugerman, executive vice president, Disney Publishing Worldwide had this to say about the innovative new magazine, “The demand for high quality content has never been greater. As the use of … [Read more...]

Walt Disney World Replaces Turnstiles With Apple’s iPod Touch Trial

With all of the talk about Disney's "MyMagic+" and the upcoming roll out of the "Magicbands" one device has been quietly helping Disney with a trial at the entrances to it's theme parks - the iPod touch.Walt Disney World has started to eliminate their turnstiles at the entrances to their theme parks and guests are now greeted with cast members holding iPod touches.  It's a move to make it a more welcoming and seamless experience when entering the parks. For the trial cast members are using … [Read more...]

Numbers with Nemo – New Learning App in the iTunes Store

As our kids grow, we are always looking for fun new ways to teach them simple things-numbers, colors, shapes, etc.  Apple has launched a new app for the Ipad, as well as the iPhone and iPod touch.This week, Disney Pixar’s smash hit Finding Nemo was released on Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D DVD for the first time, allowing viewers to experience the story like never before. To further extend children and families' dives into Nemo's underwater world, Disney Publishing is bringing Nemo to their newest … [Read more...]

Pixar Dedicates Building To Steve Jobs

While the first thing you may think of when you hear Steve Jobs' name is his legendary work at Apple, many people should know the role he played in the creation of Pixar films.  Jobs financed the studio for quite some time, even when it was not profitable, because he believed in the work of the company and it's employees.So it is fitting that Steve Jobs' name now has a permanent place at the Pixar campus, above the entrance to the studio's main building.  It is also especially fitting … [Read more...]