A Peek At “Alice Through The Looking Glass”

“Alice Through the Looking Glass” is still a few months away coming to theaters, May 27, 2016.  The film which brings back an all star cast includes  Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Mia Wasikowska and Helena Bonham Carter along with the voices of Alan Rickman, Stephen Fry, Michael Sheen and Timothy Spall.   New characters will also be joining us.  Introducing Zanik Hightopp (Rhys Ifans),  the Mad Hatter’s father and Time himself (Sacha Baron Cohen), a peculiar creature who is part human, part … [Read more...]

Disney and Vans Partner for a Fall Collection

Do you all remember the crazy cool collection that Disney and Vans came up with earlier this year? If I remember correctly, we all loved the Mickey and Minnie patterns, were gushing over Ariel and the Princesses, and couldn't help drooling over the villains.Well, just in time for fall, Disney and Vans are partnering again to bring us even more shoes, clothing, and accessories to covet. This time around the designs focus on Alice in Wonderland, Jungle Book, and 101 Dalmatians. I really love … [Read more...]

Disney Inspired Collections by Pin Up Couture

If you are like me, your closet is already overflowing with Disney clothes. Whether it be shirts, scarves, dresses, tank tops, leggings, or accessories, if it’s Disney themed, I either own it, or I want it! That being said, I was introduced to this site and I cannot believe I did not know about this before!Pin Up Girl Clothing sells clothing inspired by the 1940s, 50s and 60s. What immediately drew my attention on this site was that the models are not all stick thin – they all have curves! … [Read more...]

New Themes for Tokyo Disney Resort Development

Oriental Land Company has released some new details on the largest expansion at the Tokyo Disney Resort. They revealed that the theme for the eighth port in development at Tokyo DisneySea Park will be Scandinavia. A part of that will be "Frozen" themed.There will also be 2 newly themed areas, “Beauty and the Beast” and “Alice in Wonderland” which will be located in Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland Park.These new developments are a part of a 500 billion yen expansion, that was … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Christmas Card, Disney Style!

Tis the season for holiday cards. Everyone loves to receive them, some love to send them, some can't pull it together during the busy season. We found one family who went above and beyond this year to send out the most fabulous Disney inspired Christmas card! Since we aren't all lucky enough to be on Darcy, Mathew and Vivianne's Christmas card list, they have kindly agreed to share their card with all of the Chip and Company fans out there. They sure know how to show their Disney … [Read more...]

History Of Disney: Would you like some tea?

This is the first of a weekly column that you will see here at Chip and Co. I will be exploring the history behind the rides of the Disney Theme Parks,  the Resorts, Restaurants and even the Special Events. When trying to decide where to start I had many people say I should start with the "mountains". That seemed to me to be something that would be expected as those are fan favorites. I instead decided I would try to think of a ride that is an icon of the Disney Theme Parks and a ride that is in … [Read more...]

Disney DIY – 4th Of July Fun With Added Disney Flair!

Another holiday is just around the corner – as America prepares to celebrate its independence, people everywhere are rejoicing in the feeling of summer as they prepare to have picnics, host BBQ’s, and watch some fireworks. Walt Disney World doesn’t forget about the holiday either – with special treats and a fireworks show, but if you’re like me and won’t be able to swing a WDW vacation this summer, then why not just bring the Disney magic home with these 4th of July Disney DIY … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget To Bring Home These Top 5 Adult WDW Souvenirs!

Walt Disney World is full of tons of amazing rides and attractions, shows and parades, restaurants and dining experiences – oh, and in case you didn’t know, there are a TON of stores there too! Seriously, there are souvenir shops, stores and carts about every 3 feet in Walt Disney World – and while that may seem like a lot (and it is) – they sell some really awesome stuff, and you can get some great momentos to bring home with you.You’ve got your standard T-shirts, stuffed animals, Mickey … [Read more...]

Beautifully Disney Newest Alice in Wonderland Inspired Line “Curiouser & Curiouser”

 Spring is in the air, the flowers are in bloom, and a beautiful collection is blossoming from Beautifully Disney!   Curiouser & Curiouser, the latest collection from Beautifully Disney hits shelves at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts on May 3rd.  Inspired by the characters, art, and whimsy of Wonderland, this collection is a must have for all the Disney addicted makeup lovers!Included in this release:A 6 pan eyeshadow palette.  These are shades fit for an afternoon … [Read more...]

Alice in Wonderland 2 – Through the looking Glass Updates

Sacha Baron Cohen is reportedly in talks with Disney to join the upcoming "Alice in Wonderland" sequel, "Through the Looking Glass."It is being reported that Sacha Baron Cohen will play the villain in the movie. The sequel is said to star Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska, both are from the first movie. Details beyond that are not known at this time."Alice in Wonderland" was released in 2010 and was directed by Tim Burton. The movie was a huge hit and made over $1 billion worldwide. The … [Read more...]