Go on Safari in South Africa with Adventures by Disney

Bring out your wild side on a South African safari where you'll experience the thrill of seeing majestic animals in their natural environment. Adventures by Disney's South Africa tour package also takes you to the southern-most tip of the continent where you can delight in the coastal scenery of the nearby mountains and lagoons on this 10 day/9night excursion.FLIGHT INFORMATION Arrive: CPT (Cape Town) Return: JNB (Johannesburg) 3 Internal Flights Included - Flights to Cape Town not … [Read more...]

Disney Cruise Line Emailing Out Travel History and Health Questionnaire

The Disney Cruise Line has started emailing Health and Travel Questionnaires to those traveling on upcoming sailings.  Nothing is more important to the Cast and Crew, than the safety and well-being of their passengers and themselves.  Due to recent events, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 3 travel notice for US Citizens to avoid nonessential travel to specific West African nations and is actively tracking close contacts of those who may have been exposed to … [Read more...]

Here is a Sneak Peek of Harambe Nights at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom's new nighttime event, Harambe Nights kicks will start in about a week on June 7. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect if you attend this nighttime spectacular:In the beginning of the night, the new Harambe Theatre and “The Lion King – Concert in the Wild” will be your entertainment. Did you know there will be a live choir and 25-piece orchestra?After the amazing show and performance, Harambe Village hosts a street party with some incredible food. Chefs … [Read more...]

‘Festival of The Lion King’ is Coming Back to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

 Guess what? "The Festival of the Lion King" is coming back to Disney's Animal Kingdom, sooner then we originally thought.If you have ever seen the show than you know how amazing it is. If you haven't seen it than I highly suggest seeing it at least once.  It will return this June, but to it's new location in Africa.Photo Credit: Disney Parks BlogWhat do you think of the concept art?Wishing you Faith, Trust, and Pixie DustSunshine … [Read more...]

Festival of the Lion King is Getting A New Home

The Festival of the Lion King is a favorite at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. From the acrobatic antics of the Tumble Monkeys to Zawadi’s soaring vocals during the signature “Circle of Life,” the exuberant spirit of the show’s cast has kept me coming back time and time again and made “Festival of the Lion King” a guest favorite for 15 years.The “Festival of the Lion King” will soon be moving to an all-new theater, bringing the “tribal celebration” home fittingly to the Africa section of the park, … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Festival of the Lion King Planned to Relocate

 Hello ladies and gentlemen! It's me, Anonymouse, again and I have even more new gossip for you this week! Chip won't know what to do with two new rumors in one week!Back last fall, I confirmed Disney's plan to create a new Avatarland in Disney's Animal Kingdom. We even shared the blue prints for Avatarland with you! In case you missed it or need a refresher, you can read the article here. Today, I have an update for you on the changes coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom to … [Read more...]

Quick Service Dining at Disney’s Animal Kingdom… Does it exist?

Disney's Animal Kingdom may not be open as long as many of the other parks but they do pack in as much as they can in the hours that is available. While walking around I know I get hungry. We often get asked from fans, Are there many Quick Service choices for Dining in Disney's Animal Kingdom? My answer would be, most definitely, and it's some of the best food I've found in the Walt Disney World Parks.Here is a rundown of what you can find throughout the park for snacks, a quick bite or a … [Read more...]

The Top 5 Nap Spots for Little Ones in Animal Kingdom

Back to my series on napping in Disney World.  Sometimes those little legs just need a rest, so here are my top 5 Nap Spots in Animal Kingdom.  Animal Kingdom is a great park to find napping nooks, so keep an eye out.  Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:The Tree of Life-In and around the Tree of Life there are tons of benches, many covered by tree canopy. Find a shady spot and cross those fingers.  Usually you will have no problem finding an empty bench, unfortunately you … [Read more...]

Disney Animal Keeper Combines Art and Care to Help Endangered Rhinos

As a rhinoceros keeper at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Chad Harmon tends to some of the toughest, strongest animals on the planet.  He recently channeled that passion into an arts auction that raised approximately $6000 for the endangered animals.For the Horns to Heroes project, Harmon used one of the rhinos he cares for as a model to make 40 horns by hand using a process known as rotational casting. The pieces are made of foam-filled resin and stand 16 inches tall and 7 inches wide.He then … [Read more...]

Manatee Day at Epcot Helps Educate Guests

In ancient days, sailors may have mistaken manatees for mermaids, but many Epcot guests won’t be making that same mistake after visiting The Seas with Nemo and Friends during International Manatee Day on Sept. 7.The one day event is designed to help dispel myths about these endangered marine mammals and offer ways to better protect them. Belonging to a group of aquatic, plant-eating mammals called sirenians, manatees can only be found in a few places, including Florida, South America, … [Read more...]