Disney Confidential – What About Downtown Disney?

 Hey Gang! I want to ask you a Disney Question...What is going to happen to Downtown Disney? First, they got rid of Pleasure Island and the Adventurers Club, then they talked about something called Hyperion Wharf, but then put Hyperion Wharf on hold. So this leads me to now ask...has anyone heard anything about Downtown Disney?I HAVE, I HAVE shouts Anonymouse! Coming to you from Anonymouse headquarters...this just in! There is some cover information coming from WDW News Today about … [Read more...]

Downtown Disney removes signs, props from Pleasure Island buildings

It’s yet another sign – or lack of signs thereof – that Walt Disney World is moving ahead with Hyperion Wharf makeover. Or at least Disney is committed to finally removing signs of what was once Pleasure Island, the night-time entertainment area of Downtown Disney (DTD).Disney has removed signs and props from several buildings that used to be the cornerstones of Pleasure Island’s nightlife for adult guests and Orlando locals.WDW Magic reports that, as of Aug. 30, signs have been removed … [Read more...]

Disney files construction permits for former Pleasure Island clubs

A notice of commencement form filed by Disney on August 4 announces that "improvements will be made to certain retail property" and specifically cites Mannequins, BET Soundstage, Adventurer's Club, and the Comedy Warehouse.  The forms noted by the Epcot Explorer's Encyclopedia provide only a broad description with little insight into the nature of the upcoming project.The Notice of Commencement does, however, specify that whatever plans Disney has for Pleasure Island include the basic … [Read more...]

Guide to Downtown Disney – ‘Must Sees’ for Foodies

Regular readers of Chip & Company know that I enjoy exploring the various things to see and do Downtown Disney (DTD) at Walt Disney World. Part of the reason for my pleasure in the larger DTD area – the absence of Adventurers Club notwithstanding – is that the place offers different experiences for different people that can vary with the trip. Indeed, the “must sees” for a first-time visitor to DTD are different than for guests who are returning on their second, third or thirtieth … [Read more...]

Chip and Company Week in Review for December 13th

Welcome to the Chip and Company Disney Week in Review for the week of December 5-11, 2010, my name is Ken and I am one of the writers here at Chip and Company. There has been a lot happening this week on Chip and Co and around the Disney Blog-o-Sphere. From some exciting news about a well loved Downtown Disney attraction to events and views surrounding Disney in general we publish this roundup so you don't miss out on the best of the Disney News & Views.From Anonymouse an exciting rumor … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Adventurers Club to Re-Open at Hyperion Wharf

Hey there guys and gals your favorite Disney Gossip Columnist Anonymouse is back! Wow 2 articles in one week what is this world coming to. As you may know, I like to keep my Mouse Ears to the ground and pie-eyes to the future for the latest Disney rumors. The latest to hit the Disney forums and fan websites comes from one of our friends and favorite sources, Orlando Attractions Magazine.On Dec. 1, Orlando Attractions Magazine posted its premier episode of “The Show,” its new weekly video … [Read more...]