Star Wars Droid Factory Now Open at Disney Hollywood Studios

The “Droid Factory” experience, a new attraction where you can build and name your own R-series astromech droid action figures, is now open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

“We began discussing the Droid Factory in 2009,” says product developer Cody Hampton. “We know that personalization is an important aspect of the popular build-your-own lightsaber experience. We felt the same thing could be done with action figures but on a much larger scale.”

Located at the park’s Tatooine Traders location, the Droid Factory has 71 different pieces to create the 3 3/4-inch scale astromech figures. To get started, guests choose a dome, a body and legs offered in a variety of colors and styles (availability of various parts and colors may change). There are optional third legs and novelty hats that can be added as well.

“We wanted lots of options for [the Droid Factory],” continues Cody. “There are literally thousands of combinations making each droid unique. Guests can also name their droids with sticker sheets provided at checkout.”

Three domes — R6, R8 and R9 — were created exclusively for this experience at Disney Parks. The multi-colored ear hats, which are inspired by Jedi Mickey’s astromech droid, R2-MK, will be joined by four additional hats later this summer including a Goofy hat, a pirate hat, a fedora (very Agent P) and a Yoda cap.

Droids will be sold either in single or dual packs (the latter has a value price). They can also be used with playsets like the Starspeeder 1000.

I’m looking forward to building a few astromech’s myself as I head down to DHS for this year’s Star Wars Weekends. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and listen to my reports for the Sorcerer Radio Network and the WDW After Dark vidcast LIVE this Friday May 18, 2012! – Sorcerer Radio, All Disney Music, All Day Long – The Live and Uncensored Vidcast for Adult Disney Fans

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Aljon is air-talent and producer of several shows on the award-winning Sorcerer Radio Network including the "WDW Tiki Room" and "WDW After Dark." He also geeks out about Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and pop-culture.

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  • Aljon Go

    Just found out that the single droid pack is $11.95 each (plus tax). The double droid pack is $18.95 each (plus tax).

    As far as a “must have” list for SWW that really depends on the person. There will be a ton of new Disney/Star Wars/Muppets mash-up figures, pins, shirts, books, plush etc… there. As far as a “must do” or “tips” I have an article posted on my site ( and will post an article tomorrow on C&C with some helpful hints.

  • Cancergirl78

    Hey! Thanks for all the awesome info. Do you happen to know how much the make your own droids will be? And do you have a top 5 must have list for Star Wars Weekends? Thanks!