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  • Drunner13

    In May in Orlando? The idea might be sound, but that time frame is unlikely. Not unless their planning to rent every stretcher in Orlando to cart off the heat exhausted first timers that will hit the ground by mile 4.

  • I know I am kinda bummed

  • Mary

    Looks like it was Marvel for this year (Nov.) Ah well…I’d love an obstacle type 5K with a Star Wars theme.

  • rbstickler

    I heard that too – from every Star Wars fan that hoped for it. Nothing annouced or even hinted yet.

  • Becky

    What does #smashthehalf have to do with Star Wars? And they are already moving the Tink Half to May and Everest is then as well. Plus the announcement is at 8:35 am Pacific which makes it sound like a Disneyland race. I’d love a Star Wars race, but there is a much more compelling case for a Marvel race at Disneyland being the announcement. We’ll see in a few hours!

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