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    Yeahhhh I’m an ultimate if not beyond. My husband says I need Disney therapy, I just say I need to go more often :-p

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    Ya know, I’d have to add a stage 5. One where you’ve been to the parks so many times and know your way around the park so well that you no longer really need to do any sort of planning and no longer go “commando” when visiting the park. People who are so relaxed about their trip and know another one is coming around the corner where they aren’t concerned about snagging their ADR’s early because they know the places that are good but still have decent availability late in the game. (but do grab those must haves at popular places early.)

    Most of your levels involve some level of the typical “commando” type mindset, but there comes a time when you grow out of that mindset because you have been so often, know the parks and attractions so well, that you don’t need to do any sort of conscious planning or running around because your natural “go with the flow” touring style still gets your everywhere you want to go and everything you want to do.

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    What does say when I advise coworkers I’ll be out for 2 weeks the end of Sept./first of Oct. and someone says “tell Mickey hello for us!” I’m somewhere between pro and ultimate and learn something new every trip. Have DVC, AP, MNSSHP and sub scribe to every Disney blog and forum I can find including facebook pages. Would love to be a TA in my retirement years.

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    Happy to be an Ultimate! What started out as a Pro quickly turned into Ultimate plus ended up lucky enough to become a TA!

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    Hayden Davis

    Great article!! I would consider myself ‘Advanced’ and working my way to being a ‘Pro’! I think it is funny how you can definetly tell the Newbie’s from the Ultimate Disney Addicts! Some people have no clue what ADR’s even are and think they can just walk into Cinderella’s Castle at 6 pm and be seated for dinner any night of the week!

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    Grisel Rey

    I am a pro working my way to ultimate 🙂 hoping to make it to WDW in November!!

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    We are pros moving up to ultimates, although we haven’t been fortunate to plan a trip for more than our 6 family members, and I am considering becoming a TA. We also haven’t gone to either MNSSHP nor MVMCP, but we have gone on backstage tours and we are members of not only DVC but non-Dis timeshares as well, it maximizes our park and cruise visits. The one thing you don’t mention, is that we are always looking for clues to turn an average, boring conversation into one about … Disney :)! We have learned that my parents’ visiting nurse is a DVC member & lover, and one of our daughter’s doctor’s family is also.

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    Crystal Bailey Summerlin

    Other things that defines stages: has a collection of WDW shopping bags and/or soap, has one (or many) Disney vinyls, stickers, magents or license plates on their vehicle(s), has a spreadsheet saved to share with newbies because they got tired of typing the same WDW info over and over, have one (or many) Disney tattoos, spot hidden Mickey’s on a daily basis. I loved this article! 8( :0D

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    pixie dust

    I’ve got it bad both my husband and I are ultimate fans, I can’t get enough of the dust, pixie dust that is. If everyone could spread a ;little dust, the world would be a better place. so go get dusted or give a little dust.

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    What about the stage where you are so obsessed you become a Disney TA? I guess that falls under Ultimate!

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    Traci Goddard Blackwell

    I am most definately an Ultimate….headed back to WDW in 6 days for # 24, raised both of my full grown children to be ultimates (they are) and now my 10 yr old grandson ( also an ultimate) is going with us in 6 days for trip # 9. We live in NY.

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    Erin Schmidt

    Definitely a pro with many of the ultimate features
    1) bought the camera
    2) hit the Christmas party last year
    but still missing the backstage tour (the bane of having younger kids). We were going to go on behind the seeds last visit and couldn’t fit it in (because we took my mom for her first visit)

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    I fall between the Pros and the Ultimate….one thing to add to the list “owns all the soundtracks to the Walt Disney World nighttime shows and park music” I love mine and listen to them all year, even Candlelight Processional and Holiday Wishes!

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    Wow. Ultimate could have been written about my husband and I. Trip #14 for us as a couple, and #17 for me coming up in November.

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    Gaylin Chev

    Another ultimate here . . . It is my 15th trip this November or is that 16?

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    Donna Wilson

    This blog was great! I wasn’t surprised to find myself to be a Disney Ultimate! hahaha I LOVE Disney and have trained my family to love it as much as I do! 🙂

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