Is the Sorcerer Mickey Hat being taken down?


Hi guys and gals, Anonymouse here. Boy, do I have some gossip for you today! Today’s gossip comes to you from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Since 2009, rumors have been circulating around the Sorcerer Mickey Hat.

In 2009, during Disney’s Hollywood Studios 20th birthday event, guests heard from Imagineer Bob Weis. He was one of the key imagineers who created Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Mr. Weis showed the guests a photo looking along Hollywood Blvd towards the Chinese Theater prior to the Sorcerer Mickey Hat installation. He also commented that while guests can not see this view now, they may be able to again in the future.

It’s been about 4 and half years since Bob Weis’ speech and nothing has changed. However, my sources now tell me the 2014 Disney Merchandise does not include the Sorcerer Mickey Hat. The Mickey Water Tower has replaced this iconic symbol. Does this mean 2014 is the year the Sorcerer Mickey Hat will be removed? Will we finally get to look down Hollywood Blvd and see the Chinese Theater once again?

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  • Kaleigh

    What!? I hope they wait until after my 2014 trip! I’m kind of looking forward to seeing that!

  • Sharon Mcgehee

    I always thought it was kinda stupid to put that big hat and cover the chinese theatre.

  • Nerio

    that is supposed to be the icon of the park! the earful tower is a complement cause is not actually in the park but the perimeter… and there are some areas of the park where you cant see the tower… on the other side, the nostalgia part of this park is sunset boulevard… and the chinese theater attraction is in a good time to redo it…

  • Paula

    I always thought the hat fell short of the other Disney park icons. The Sorcery hat pales in comparison to the castle, Spaceship Earth, and the Tree of Life.

  • Ashley Stens

    noooo :(

  • NoreenMc1


  • Cin

    Yay! I hope this is true. I remember the days before the hat was in the way of the theatre and to me the park icon has always been the Earful tower anyway. The hat is okay now that I am used to it, but I really do miss the view of the front of the chinese theater and it was closer to the dream Hollywood of yesteryear.

  • Scott Davis