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When planning a trip to Walt Disney World, you hear a lot about the restaurants you can’t miss and the how important Advanced Dining Reservations are, but you don’t hear a lot about what to snack on in between those meals. If you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, snack credits are available in all of the packages. So, what are some of the best snacks around Walt Disney World? What can you use your snack credits on?

Here are some of my favorites:

Disney has some of the most decadent cupcakes. Stop by Starring Rolls at Disney’s Hollywood Studios park for some of the best. Piled high with frosting and toppings, the cake is moist and there is no shortage of flavor in these baked goods!


Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich
This has got to be my favorite way to use of snack credit! You can find these in the Magic Kingdom (Main Street Bakery or Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square), and they are massive. They take two large cookies and place three large scoops of fresh vanilla ice cream in between them. Wow! This is a great snack to share with others. You’ll need to eat it quickly though — the ice cream melts fast!

Dole Whip
Ah, the infamous dole whip. I’ve been traveling to Disney for years, but managed to skip over Aloha Isle in Adventure Land until just last year. I wish I had known about it much sooner! This is a great snack on a hot Florida day. Aloha Isle serves pineapple ice cream (known as dole whip), citrus flavored ice cream, and your standard vanilla. I suggest the dole whip float – pineapple ice cream over pineapple juice. Yum!


Mickey Premium Bar
Sometimes there isn’t anything better than a good ‘ole Mickey ice cream bar. The chocolate on the outside is rich and flavorful and the vanilla ice cream inside just oozes out. It’s sweet and simple!

Pastries from Main Street Bakery
While strolling down Main Street USA, the smell of fresh cinnamon buns and chocolate chip cookies will hit you right in the face – hard! Meander on in and you’ll find an array of tasty treats. They’re often so large that they almost require sharing, so this is a really great use of a snack credit, especially for breakfast!

World Showcase Treats
During the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot, you can use snack credits around the World Showcase, sampling food from the festival booths. But you don’t have to wait for the Food & Wine Festival — many of the countries have treats available year-round. My favorite spot is in France. They have really, really delicious crepes!


Goofy’s Candy Co.
It can be hard to plan out how you’re going to use all your snack credits, so if you have a few left at the end of your vacation, stop by Goofy’s Candy Co. at Downtown Disney. Here, you can customize your own snack and take it home with you! Do you want a pretzel dipped in white chocolate with some sprinkles and M&Ms on top? Or maybe an oreo dipped in chocolate and then covered in marshmallows? Done! The possibilities are endless!

These are just a few of my favorite snacks around the World. How do you use snack credits? What do you think is the best use of a snack credit? Let me know on Twitter at @A_Leo!

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  • Jenn

    Loved Starring Rolls – ate lunch there and had a Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcake (recommended by the entire staff) and it was delicious! I wasn’t impressed by the crepes actually, but love Bavarian Pretzels in Germany! Amazing.