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    I’m sad Pirates will be down when I’m at the Park. It’s always been our “I’m really tired but not enough to go back to the hotel so lets sit for 20 min while we ride Pirates” ride.

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    Pirates is down just for routine maintenance. No changes should be made. (If they did I would be pretty upset…)

    small world will be closing but at least it will be open soon! Think of it closing as a birthday present because once it reopens it will be all pretty and Christmas-y.

    I’m glad they have the big gates open at DCA for the exit because it’s a pain in the butt to walk all the way back to the entrance to exit the park. I don’t like the maze situation.

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    Great report and amen to the DCA walls. At least at closing time they had a gate open so guests could exit right to the trams. Sad that Small World closes on my birthday as we do that every trip or so it seems. I cannot wait to see if they changed anything on Pirates. Thanks for all the information.

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