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    Please feel free to send all Food Confessions to my email
    at [email protected]
    When you send the email please remember that we are looking for photos of different menu items.
    Be sure to include where you were at,the name of the item in the photo and what you liked about it.
    And also if you would like a link back to your blog please include that as well.


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    how do we send them? just tag?

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    Just sent a ton of pictures. Didn’t realize how many I had that wouldn’t have people in them…lol

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    We have photo’s from Halloween 2011. I have most all of them posted on my fb page Bekki Wagner (Christensen). If you would like me to send individual ones, I can do that. I just don’t want to overload your poor e-mail. Most of the pictures are photo pass photo’s.

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