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    I totally agree. It would be great to visit and take in the culture plus some Disney. I’m hoping to see it added as an Adventures By Disney option sometime in the next few years. That would be the best way to do this type of longer trip I think.

    Keep us posted when you do make the plans to go, we’d love to hear about it!

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    My husband has always wanted to go to DisneySea & Tokyo Disneyland. Hong Kong Disneyland and now Shanghai Disneyland are on our list as well.

    My dream is that sometime in the future we’ll be able to take long vacation (2 weeks, at least) with an ‘around the world’ ticket to bounce around that part of the world and check out all four parks! We’d like to do it once we have kids and they are old enough to appreciate the cultural aspects as well as visit other places while we’re out that way (Not that we could afford it right now anyway!)

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