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    Andrew Malowitz

    Just called and asked about the rides and the only one she knew (this was from an email they received to tell guests) the only ride they know will be closed is splash mountain. They couldn’t guarantee if a ride could be shut down, but seven dwarves and thunder mountain will be available.

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    Kim Lee

    You all do realize you don’t need a park ticket for the parties, right? As long as you don’t enter the park before 4 you don’t need to use any park tickets. Use that day to stay at the hotel and swim, play putt-putt, go to Disney Springs and save your ticket.

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    FYI, reports say that this is a website error and that both 7DMT and BTMRR will be operating during MNSSHP

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    This is disappointing. The big rides with limited attendance is a major appeal to this party. This is very sad to me.

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    Dmab Majerus

    Ahhhh. Seems like a shady deal.

    Did they mention anything about this when guests shell out extra $$ on top of the enterance fee for the party?

    One would assume rides that were available in the past should remain available- unless being refurbed or temp closed for glitches…

    False advertising?

    I’m also (naively) hoping that adding more party nights means Disney will the lower guest population – and thus shorter lines for events & food. LOWER GUEST POPULATION PER NIGHT also meaning shorter lines for the POPULAR rides, not just the ‘let’s do this as long as we’re here, waiting to go do that’ rides.

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    I don’t understand why they close any of the rides during this time… I mean you pay for your park ticket and an extra $90 for the parties,, they should have every ride open but especially the coasters!!! That’s part of the fun during the parties,, not as many people and you can ride the rides multiple times with hardly any line..

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    I think this diminishes the value of the party — at least for me. I won’t be buying a ticket this year.

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    Will the list be the same for the Christmas Party?

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    This is a disappointment. You pay so much for these parties and by giving people a lot of options in the park to do, it helps keep the crowds at bay vs gathering them all up in certain places. Some people may not go to MK another time during their trip and it seems very sad to me to lose some of the best of MK. Now everyone will be trying to pile in before the officially start of the party.

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