Seven Deadly Disney World Sins.

Are you guilty of committing the seven deadly Disney sins?   We all do it and we’re so . . . ashamed.  Feel free to learn from our mistakes.

1. Greed:  Thou shall not make more than one  advanced dining reservation per meal.  Double booking is very, very bad!  Disney has recently taken steps to curtail this practice, but don’t be tempted anyway.

2.  Sloth.  You didn’t pack early or make your ADRS–never fear, though you have committed one of the seven deadly Disney sins (perhaps the worst one!), you’ll be okay. Try a walk-up for lunch in the World Showcase.  You can almost always get one.  Dining dilemna solved.   Any important “stuff’ you forgot to pack can be purchased in the resort gift shop. You’ll pay a slightly higher premium for your transgression, but you deserve it, right?  Worst case scenario, head over to the Super Target on I-192. They don’t call it “super” for nothing.

3.  Coveting your neighbor’s hotel room:  Yes, I sometimes let out a little sigh when I go past the Grand Floridian on the way to my room at Pop, but you know what? Every room at Disney World is a good room because it’s at Disney World!  Enjoy your trip, revel in how much you’ve saved, and be happy knowing that you’re getting the same great service no matter where you stay on property. Someday you’ll get to stay in the Victoria Suite at the Grand if that’s what you really want.

4.  Getting angry.  It’s hot, crowded, and the kids are, how shall I put it delicately?  They’re whining.  Time to take a break. Leave the parks and hit the pool or take a nap back in the room.  If you’re staying in the parks, spend some quality time in the Hall of  Presidents or a similar location–it’s nice and cool in there.  Or just find a bench and people watch. You’ll feel better in no time.

5.  Not stopping to smell the proverbial roses.  We hear it all the time:  Disney is one of those vacations where you need a vacation after your vacation! We’ve been there.  There’s so much to see and experience, it’s hard to know when to stop, but taking a little down time can really add to your trip. That’s why we’re such big fans of sit-down restaurants (in addition to the fact that we’re slightly obsessed with food):  They force us to slow down a bit.  Almost every resort has a little nook and cranny where you can get some quiet time. I love the fireplaces at Kidani Village and at the Wilderness Lodge.  Grab a book or, if you must, your laptop, and take a little break.

6.  Wearing the wrong shoes.  Never buy new shoes right before your trip.  Break in a couple of pairs and bring those instead.   You’ll be walking a lot more than you usually do, so be extra kind to your feet.

7.  Not being flexible.  If you’re the guy with the spreadsheet (and just so you know, we have one too), don’t be afraid to put it away occasionally. It’s nice to have a plan for each day, but some of the best Disney moments happen when you’re  just being spontaneous.  This is especially important if you’re traveling with a large group. You don’t want to make your non-Disney loving brother-in-law mad because it’s his trip too, even if all he wants to do is sit by the pool.  See item #4.

Do you fall under any of these deadly sins? Let us know in the comment box below.

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  • Sarah

    The only one I have really committed is coveting my neighbor’s resort. I don’t know why, I really do love the Pop, but it might be nice to go a little more luxurious one day :)

  • Cincytoby

    I never even contemplated #1. Really? People do that? How completely selfish.

  • pdubster

    Guilty of #5, but it’s reallly not my fault! My husband grew up going to Astro World regularly, rushing from ride to ride. He attacks Disney World the same way. Next trip we’ll slow down a bit. I think it will improve all our moods significantly.