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    For the parade viewing, you mean the train station patio right at the entrance of the park? Mainstreet USA? Do you mind being a bit more specific? Thanks!

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    Are you sure she was a cast member? I’ve never seen CMs taking a break out in the parks, nor doing anything like listening to ipods. Surely they have to go to the utiladors for break time (except restroom breaks). Maybe she was breaking the rules and wasn’t caught.

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    Thanks I am glad you liked it 🙂

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    Amy B.

    These are some fantastic secrets! I especially love that tip about the silhouettes, I didn’t realize they were so cheap! I’m definitely getting one done when I go in 2 weeks! 😀

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    Your welcome and I am glad you found some stuff useful.

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    It is amazing how much there is going on behind the scenes at Disney.

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    Chelsea Pulver

    Thanks so much for posting! I wrote some stuff down to remember for when we go!

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    Danielle Murgia

    I love reading this kind of trivia and sharing it with my husband when we go away. I learned more secrets of the parks when we got to meet one of the “dreammakers” during the year of a million dreams giveaway!

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    Thanks !! Glad you enjoyed it.

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    I have heard both but when I was a cast member I was told that it was the designers names.

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    Thanks ! I’m glad you like it. One thing to remember about viewing the parade from the train patio area is to get there really early because it fills up quick.

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    Same here !

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    Jennifer Wallace O'Brien

    Years ago we went on a behind the scenes tour and we were told that the names on the upper windows of the shops on main street were the fake names Walt used to buy the property without anyone knowing it was him, not designers names. Does anyone know which it is??

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    Amy Stewart

    Love this!! Love love! I cannot wait till November when we go! <3 I can't stop planning lol

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    Stacey B

    I love reading articles like these with such unique pieces of information. Keep ’em coming! Thanks for the tip on the best place to watch the parade from. Can’t wait to visit in the fall!

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    Rebecca J Hodges Morris

    I love looking at new merchandise every couple of trips there. As a passholder, we go once a month….

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    I love watching the fireworks from the Polynesian, it is very relaxing.

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    All of the stores and rides will help you cool down but none compare to the Hall of Presidents, in my opnion anyway. Your husband may have given me an idea for another article 🙂

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    Thanks and I totally agree !!

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    I got mine done on Main Street, as you enter and are walking down Main Street ( towards the castle) it would be off to your right in a cart down an alley. I believe it is between Uptown Jewlers and the glass shop.

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    Myria Johnson

    My husband asked for the “Best Places to Enjoy Air Conditioning” list after I read him the fact about Hall of Presidents.

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    Those are good tips. The chaging merchandise and merchandise differing from store to store can drive me nuts sometimes! But I totally get it. Just wish it was easier to find what I was looking for!

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    Erica Meier Barthel

    That is HORRIBLE!!! I hope Disney changes the policy back to the original which is what Walt Disney wanted!

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    I believe the booth is in Liberty Square

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    We just got back from our trip home, and I was able to use a lot of these tips, and some I’ll have to shoot for next time. I would love to watch the fireworks from the Polynesian! As for the Cast Member rule, I did notice a bit of that this past week, where a CM would wear their costume in a totally unrelated land, and it is something I really had never noticed before.

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    Mi Coups

    Where exactly is the place you can get the silohett done?

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    I didn’t like that rule as a cast member but as a guest I do see why they would make that rule.

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    Elizabeth Harman

    As a Cast Member you were not allowed to go to a different lands in your costume because they said that spoiled the magic since every land has their own costume. I have heard that rule has since changed”

    I don’t like it, but it must be true. We didn’t notice this anywhere but EPCOT. World Showcase cast members walking through different countries, but the the worst was the young lady in a Norwegian costume wearing flip flops and listening to her iPod while strolling past Spaceship Earth.

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