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    Pat Schellhorn

    I met him years ago when he was in EPCOT. His handlers were hysterical and my children, then 6 and 9, w3ere mezmerized. I was really hoping I could introduce my granddaughters to him just as I had done for their mother. It’s a sad time now. PUSH was a Disney icon.

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    So what about Pipa the recycling container version at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

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    I’ve never personally interacted with PUSH, we have come across him interacting with other guests. And no matter how many times we’d seen it, it never got old. It never failed to end up drawing us into the experience taking place in front of us, and cracking us up. It was always clever and a little amazing how that little garbage can actually seemed to come to life! And it never failed to enrich our magical experience.

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    I’M SO MAD I COULD CRY! WHO SAID HE WAS STAYING!? Who started that!? I believed them! I should’ve continued in the #SavePUSH campaign!!! All trust has been lost with me. I forever have trust issues now. >_<

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