Sadly it’s official, PUSH has been retired!

PUSH the Talking Trashcan

As of February 9th, 2014 Walt Disney World sent out an Advisory that PUSH the Talking Trashcan, who could be found entertaining guests in Tommorowland, will no longer be a performing act at Walt Disney World. The last performance for PUSH was on Saturday February 8th, 2014. This is a confirmed Advisory straight from the Walt Disney World Cast Member HUB.

PUSH Advisory


Here are some of the FAQ’s regarding PUSH’s departure.


In the last few days there have been a number of SAVE PUSH campaigns going on through out social media such as Twitter, with fans using the #savePUSH hashtag. It is very apparent that PUSH fans DO NOT want to see him go and although this advisory was posted in the Cast Member HUB, Disney has not made an official announcement about the departure of PUSH.

Several cast members that work in  Tomorrowland have confirmed that PUSH has been dismantled and his storage area has been cleared out. As for the handlers, two of the three have been let go.

There are  plenty of rumors  about why this decision has been made, but until there is official word from Disney, we will not know the true reasons for the decision to retire Push.

One thing we do know is that Push is owned and operated by an outside company that is contracted by Walt Disney World. This opens up the possibility that the retirement of the beloved character is not entirely Disney’s decision, but an issue with contract negotiations with the outsourced company.

For those that had the opportunity to interact with Push, this is a great loss due to the wonderful memories they have of him. And for those that did not have the privilege of meeting him (myself included) well, we can relive the experiences of others through their stories.

Please share with us your thoughts and memories of your encounters with Push The Talking Trashcan.

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  • Pat Schellhorn

    I met him years ago when he was in EPCOT. His handlers were hysterical and my children, then 6 and 9, w3ere mezmerized. I was really hoping I could introduce my granddaughters to him just as I had done for their mother. It’s a sad time now. PUSH was a Disney icon.

  • SUREyeah

    So what about Pipa the recycling container version at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

  • angie

    I’ve never personally interacted with PUSH, we have come across him interacting with other guests. And no matter how many times we’d seen it, it never got old. It never failed to end up drawing us into the experience taking place in front of us, and cracking us up. It was always clever and a little amazing how that little garbage can actually seemed to come to life! And it never failed to enrich our magical experience.

  • Kaleigh

    I’M SO MAD I COULD CRY! WHO SAID HE WAS STAYING!? Who started that!? I believed them! I should’ve continued in the #SavePUSH campaign!!! All trust has been lost with me. I forever have trust issues now. >_<