Robert Downey Jr. Talks about Upcoming Marvel Studios Movies

A great article from Screen Rant talking about Robert Downey Jr. giving his take on Chris Evans as Captain America, as well as the upcoming Thor and Avengers movies.

Here are a few excerpts:

Given that his portrayal of Tony Stark/Iron Man has been met with pretty much universal approval by moviegoers of all creeds, Downey’s opinion about Chris Evans being cast as Captain America will definitely weigh heavily with the general fanboy/fangirl community.

Fortunately – for Evans – Downey seems quite enthusiastic about the decision:

“I do know [Evans] and I think it was a very smart casting choice.  I know that it was a difficult choice for both the studio to make and for him personally, having been involved in other franchises [like Fantastic Four] before.  But if I had to venture a guess, I think he’ll count himself as lucky and he’ll have a good time.”


Finally, Downey shockingly revealed that his involvement in The Avengers was not a done deal yet – feel free to roll your eyes in bemusement my fellow readers – but that he’s not exactly thinking about that at the moment.

But what does Downey make of the rumors about Joss Whedon helming The Avengers?  Well, he surprisingly confessed that he’s “not very familiar with the guy” but that “I will let Marvel make whatever decisions they deem appropriate.”

For the complete article click here.

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