Tom Sawyer Island


Tom Sawyer Island is located in the Frontierland area of the Magic Kingdom.  When you think of Tom Sawyer, you think of the “old days”, right?  Barefeet, overalls, white washed fences…and some peace and quiet.  That’s exactly what you’ll find on Tom Sawyer Island!  It’s a place to find some of Tom’s paint brushes-think a small scavenger hunt-and bring it to a cast member.  You’ll get a reward!  Other great features of Tom Sawyer’s Island are:

  • You take a raft across a small lake, just at the foot of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
  • Tom Sawyer Island is a nice break from the Magic Kingdom crowds.  Rock in a rocking chair, while your children explore the island.
  • You can see the Liberty Square Riverboat pass by and wave to the people on board.
  • The island is not wheelchair friendly.  The walking paths are rugged and and winding.
  • There is no height requirement for this attraction, so everyone in your family can enjoy it!

Quick Tip:  Tom Sawyer Island opens slightly later than normal park hours and closes around dusk.

Tom Sawyer Island can provide a few minutes {or more than a few!} of relaxation for you, and opportunity for the kids to explore and run off some steam, and possibly a reward if you find a white wash paint brush!

Overall, we give this attraction an “A”.



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  • David Murawski

    Exhaust fumes from the overcrowded raft, slow scoot across the small lagoon. Nothing else to do on the island except look at a dirt road, a bridge, and a fort. I’d like to see this land used for something more interesting. They don’t even do the “paint brush” thing anymore. Sadly, this attraction is at an end.