Enchanted Tales with Belle


Enchanted Tales with Belle is located in the new Fantasyland expansion of Magic Kingdom.  Belle and her lovable story come to life right before your eyes.  As you walk the winding path to Maurice’s cottage, you’ll be transported to a “quiet village, every day, like the one before” where you will become part of Belle’s romantic story.   The magic mirror turns into a portal, which leads to Beast’s castle.

  • You enter the seating area in groups of about 45 people.  
  • Guests are able to volunteer for a role in the reenactment of Belle and Beast.  A delightful, magical Lumiere leads you through the story.
  • As Belle enters the room, the audience “surprises” her with their story they have prepared, with the help of a castmember of course.
  • The Enchanted Tales with Belle is entirely audience interactive.  You become the sounds, say easy lines with the help of cast members, and may even get to dance with Belle!
  • Only children/adults who are part of the cast will be able to meet Belle in this area and have a photograph with her.  For meeting other princesses, including Ariel, you can find them as you exit.

If you are looking for an interactive attraction, and an up close experience with Belle, you’ll find it here.  This attraction does not have FastPass yet.  It is possible it may in the future.  Also, you cannot get Belle’s autograph here, but it is on the back of the commemorative bookmark that you are given if you participated.

Quick Tip:  Parents are allowed to stay alongside shy children if they are chosen for a part in the story.  No worries!  Don’t be afraid to volunteer-it’ll be the most magical experience!

Overall, we give this attraction an “A+”.


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