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The Astro Orbiter


The AstroOribiter is located in Tomorrowland.  You can’t miss it-as it flies above a outer space, futuristic sculpture in close proximity to Space Mountain.  This attraction is unique in that after waiting in line, you take an elevator up to board the AstroOribter.  This ride is similar to Dumbo and Aladdin’s Carpets, in that it goes in a circle and you control it going up and down with a joystick.

  • The rockets can hold three people, but it can be tight.  Two young children and an adult can fit comfortably.  
  • The AstroOribter does fly high above Tomorrowland.  If you are afraid of heights, it might be best to not ride it.
  • You can catch some great photographs and views of Magic Kingdom from up in your rocket!
  • The ride lasts for 1.5 minutes, and there is no height requirement.

Quick Tip:  The AstroOrbiter is SO awesome to ride at night!  If you are taking advantage of Extra Magic Hours, you’ll want to board this one during the evening.

Overall, we give this attraction an “A”.


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