Kilimanjaro Safari

Giraffe seen on Kilimanjaro Safari

Giraffe spotted in the Kilimanjaro Safari

This Animal Kingdom ride is located in Africa.  Towards the back between the Tusker House and the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.  This is a safari ride through the fictional Harambe Wildlife Animal Preserve, East Africa.  It operates until sundown and is a very popular ride in the park.  On the safari you will be treated to a variety of animals including ostrich, lions, rhinos, giraffes, hippos, zebras, crocodiles, and many other wild African beasts!

  • This ride is appropriate for all ages, although keep your small children on the inside.
  • The ride is wheelchair accessible, however expectant mothers and those with certain health problems should not ride.
  •  FASTPASS is available for this ride.  When you arrive at the park, immediately get a FASTPASS, as this ride is extremely popular.  The queue for this attraction gets very hot, as well.
  • While waiting for your FASTPASS time, explore the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.

The animals are not on “display” and roam as they please.  Therefore every tour is different!  Have your camera at the ready, because any vehicle stops are brief and the animals quick.   The giraffe and ostrich will come especially close to the vehicle.  Perhaps the favorite part of the tour is the elephants, where there is almost always a baby in tow.   If you have the time, multiple rides on the Kilimanjaro Safari are a must!

Quick Tip:  Photographs on the Kilimanjaro Safari can be a challenge.  Try to take as many photos as possible when your vehicle is stopped.  Or, be “one step ahead” in your viewing and try to catch the animals from a distance.  

Overall this ride is an “A+”.

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