Sunset Ranch Market


You will find a the largest variety of snack stops in the Sunset Ranch Market in the Sunset Blvd area of the park.  It’s basically several small snack and meal options in one place-sort of like a farmer’s market.    Here you can stop for a quick snack of granola, fruit, or pretzels at Anaheim Produce, or if you are looking for dessert, ice cream creations at Hollywood Scoops.  If that’s still not what you are after, don’t fear.  There are several options for meals.  You’ll find salads, burgers, chicken options, and turkey legs.

The Sunset Ranch Market is part of the Disney Dining Plan, and is a great variety of options.  There should be something here for everyone!  You can view more menu options HERE.

Overall, we give the Sunset Ranch Market an “A”.




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