United Kingdom Pavilion

Rose and Crown

Nestled between Canada and France, the UK pavilion offers lots to see and do! There is a toy shop, tea shop, and lots of opportunities for UK souvenir purchases here! You can also stop for some fish and chips at Yorkshire County Fish Shop or for a sit down meal at the resident pub Rose and Crown! Also be sure to stop and use one of the working telephone boxes in all of their cherry red glory!

Many areas of the United Kingdom are modeled after real places overseas.  For example, the Tea Caddy Shop is located in a replica of Shakespeare’s wife’s cottage, the Toy Soldier Shop across from the pub here is modeled after Hampton Court in England, and  look up at the chimneys for a little bit of actual, painted on soot! This was added by imagineers to help make it look liked a really lived in village, but I like to think of it as a nod to Miss Mary Poppins and her main man Bert! Find another nod to Mary in the back of the Toy Soldier Shop where you can find some books and even a small package addressed to the Banks’.

There are three stained glass windows representing the flags of the three United Kingdom flags (England, Scotland, Wales).

Since citizens of Medieval Britain were taxed by the square footage of their ground floor, they built the upper levels of their homes larger than the bottom levels.  You will notice this in the pavilion.  Although at first glance it just looks like an overhand (and sun escape) it was built to this architectural design.

The United Kingdom Pavilion is for sure worth a visit while in World Showcase!  You may even run into Mary Poppins and Pooh.




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