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France Pavilion

Another of the truly lovely pavilions around the World Showcase is the France Pavilion. It’s not just lovely to look at, it has a lot of things to do from street entertainers, to fine restaurants, some fine little eating establishments aside from the two big restaurants, and lots and lots of shopping!!! In addition to the above amenities perhaps the best of the travelogue type movies in the World Showcase resides here at the Palais du Cinema called Impressions de France. Spectacularly photographed and accompanied by an amazing musical score (in an air conditioned SIT DOWN theater) it is simply an attraction not to be missed.

The two major restaurants are both fine table service establishments. Chefs de France is a large, somewhat noisy bustling type of restaurant. The food is excellent and the cast members are a delight. It is located right in the front of the pavilion and is worth your time. Make sure you visit for lunch Monday through Saturday and your table will likely get a visit from Remy from the Ratatouille film. Have your camera ready!!! The other sit down restaurant is around the back and upstairs. The Bistro de Paris is quite upscale (but still theme park casual) and more intimate and quiet than Les Chefs. The food is outstanding and the dining experience there is wonderfully romantic. This one is really worth your attention.

Your shopping experiences will take place in Les Halles, an intriguing and fun marketplace with some of the finest imports in the World Showcase. You can find dinnerware, fragrances, fine wines , cosmetics, etc. etc. If you are looking for a special fragrance for a friend try La Signature; this shop is the only place in the United States where you can find many special French fragrances.

If you time it correctly you will be able to see Serveur Amusante (check the showtime schedule) a fun group of jugglers and acrobats that performs some pretty amazing stunts directly in front of Les Chefs de France. They are fun and you can tell they love what they are doing just from their enthusiasm.

Another thing that grasps you as you approach and stroll around this pavilion is the beauty and detail right down to the model of the Eiffel Tower. It looks as though it’s off in the distance and full size but the Imagineers used “forced perspective” to make it appear that way. It’s really only 5 stories tall which is the maximum height of any structure in the World Showcase.

The World Showcase is absolutely one of my favorite things at Walt Disney World and the France Pavilion is just one more of those things that adds to the appeal. When you stop by make sure to allow enough time to really explore this truly lovely venue. As always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!

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