Epcot is one of Walt Disney World’s 4 theme parks.  Here you will find a vision of the sensational future as well as a showcase of some of the world’s most marvelous countries.  Developed and laid out initially when Walt Disney saw how easily his two hubs fits together, Epcot showcases not only our World but how technology does and will continue to shape it.

Future World

Future World is split in half- the east and the west.  Here you will find showcases of innovative inventions at Innoventions as well as being able to visit the Land, the Seas, and even take off into space!  “In Future World, ideas become reality!”

Spaceship Earth, the park’s flagship ride featured in the “golf ball” icon that towers over your view as you enter, is located here as well.

World Showcase

World Showcase is located beyond Future World if you enter from the main entrance of the park (if you enter from the Boardwalk/Epcot resort area you enter in World Showcase itself).  Here you will be whisked away on a whirlwind tour of the splendor and distinct beauty found in 11 nations from this fabulous planet.  Where else can you start your night in the UK and end it in Japan?

The following pavilions make up World Showcase:

Epcot is a breathtaking spectacle of art, invention, culture, and technology! Be prepared to have your breath taken away!

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  • Sarah Parish Mccoy

    Epcot is really fun and educational for the kids, lots to see and do if you take the time to slowly stroll thru and stop in each place

  • Becky Thomas

    take the time to see the AMerican Adventure show. It is one of my most favorite attractions in all of Disney World and it is an incredible history lesson for our kids. It is amazing!!

  • Teresa

    Epcot is the first park we ever visited as a family. It helped my kids appreciate it without having to compare it to Magic Kingdom.

  • Kim L.

    Our son loves the “big golf ball ride” in Epcot!

  • Marinda Fowler

    I’m excited to spend more time exploring the World Showcase this October!

  • Jennifer Barrella Knott

    Epcot is our favorite! We love the WS and the Kidcot stops!

  • ardeasnest

    I absolutely love the world showcase. It’s great for adults and kids alike!

  • Suzanne Rudge (MapleMouseMama)

    Epcot is such a wonderful combination of excitement, thrills and adventure for both adults and kids. I know some might not agree, but our kids have always enjoyed doing the Kidcot stations and it gives me a chance to rest my feet for a bit. Love Epcot!


  • sngxvd

    Epcot is my favorite park!

  • Kirstene D. Adkins

    I love walking around the different countries!!! We once had churros on the outskirts of Mexico right next to the water while watching the sunset & Epcot’s Illusions show! It was a night to remember!!! :)

  • Disneyjulz

    Illuminations is my favorite thing about Epcot.  Test Track and Mission:  Space are pretty great too.  Oh, and the character greetings in the A/C.

  • Disneyjulz

    Illuminations is my favorite thing about Epcot.  Test Track and Mission:  Space are pretty great too.  Oh, and the character greetings in the A/C.