The Africa portion of Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World is located in the far northwest section of the park. Africa has two major attractions including the largest attraction in all of the parks (and perhaps the world) Kilimanjaro Safari. This attraction covers 100+ acres and is presented as an authentic safari trek through an African habitat. There are lots of animals particularly if you ride early in the morning, late afternoon, or just after a rain.

A couple of tips here:

  •   If you can, sit on the outside seats on the bench seat (either side) for the best views of the animals.
  •   This ride can be very bumpy so hang on.
  • Seat young children on the inside portion of the bench.
  • Use your camera in sport mode to capture the animals while your safari bus is moving.

If you love watching animals then the Pagani Forest Exploration Trail is for you. There are birds (including an excellent aviary), gorillas, meerkats, etc. There is a building with hands on exhibits and also an Endangered Animal Rehabilitation Center. If you truly love animals, allow plenty of time here. One more item, the train station to Rafiki’s Planet Watch is also located in Africa.

Shopping is limited to the Mombasa Marketplace which specializes in African Crafts.

There is an excellent table service restaurant, the Tusker House, which has a character breakfast and an outstanding lunch and dinner menu with plenty to choose from. Make ADR’s at your earliest opportunity. There are also several counter service and snack locations such as Tamu Tamu Refreshments serving sandwiches,  burgers, and shakes; and the Harambe Fruit Market which lives up to it’s name serving fruit juices, fresh fruit and other beverages. The Daiwa Bar serves adult beverages, and the Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery serves pastries, cappuccino, and espresso. You will not go hungry in Africa!!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is huge but worth your time investment so have a wonderful time. As always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!

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  • Christina C

    I really love how to the point all the reviews I’ve read so far are. A little bit of things to do, a splash of what to eat – overall an awesome read. I’ve never really stopped in Africa before, our family usually dines at Dino USA or Asia, but with all the info here I may just be finding some time to check out the different offerings of this part of the park

  • kaitlin

    I really want to try the jungle juice! Is Africa where I would find it? :)