Around the “Disney” World


Use our Around the World guide to help you create your own touring plans and decide what you and your family want to do in each of the 4 main theme parks.  Our pages here will guide you through Walt Disney World by breaking it down park by park, then area by area within the park.

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  • Brittney Jacobson

    This is great info about the parks–very helpful for planning a trip! :)

  • Lorrie Tharp

    I have never been to Disney World before…I have decided to celebrate my 50th birthday there in one year(time to save $$$) . We have enjoyed Disneyland for years and I am confident we will have a great time. What are tips that readers can share to make it a great milestone celebration! We live Oregon so air travel tips would be great too! Thanks everyone

  • Aylin Barrios

    This adds to the many times I have been to WDW, I love your blog thanks for all the info!

  • Jodi Keller

    Even though I have never been to Disney World I like the info you shared :)

  • andrea mackafee

    I will use this guide for my 13 days!

  • Kim Rao

    Disney World and the parks are my most favorite place to be!!

  • Dana Russell Schroeder

    What a wonderful job you did on explaining each area. Thanks for your site and all you let us know about in our 2nd home

  • Krysta

    Love you site and FB page!!

  • Kaitlin Ryan

    I’ve become addicted to your site! We’re heading to Disney for our Honeymoon in September and I’ve been finding so many fun things to do while reading your articles. I love Chip and Co! :)

  • Erica Husband

    Love Chip and Co.!!! Best place to find all things to know about Disney. Will look here first before our next trip for advice. Thanks so much!

  • Stephanie Egan

    I love Chip & Co.!!! I wish I would have found the site earlier, before our trip this summer! Guess I will have to use it to plan another one another year!

  • Michelle Marshall Kintsche

    Love Chip & Co. Its the best place to get all of your Disney Idea’s. I go every year and always check in at Chip & Co. for tips for next trip.


    this is the BEST place to map out your day…!!! If you need to know it… its here…!!!

  • Bridgette Martinez

    We are in the process of getting quotes for our trip next year in November.