Personalize your Disney autograph books


Here’s a simple trick to make your Disney Autograph books more personalized.  When getting autographs, only get them on the right side of the pages in your book and save the left side for photos.  Be sure to get photos of your children with each character as well.  Some characters sign on the same page (Buzz and Woody, for example), so you may want to leave a blank page for their photo after their autographs.

Chip’s TipsIf you don’t have a good camera or just like using Disney’s Photopass service you can let them do the pictures for you. That way Mom and Dad can jump in there too!

When you get home, print the photos of each character and your child.  I would recommend printing them 3×5 if you are using a traditional autograph book.  You can also print the photo without any cropping, which will add a white border around the entire photograph.  Crop each photo, if needed, and add them to the books next to their autographs using scrapbooking tape.  You may need to cut out a few pages in the back of your book so it will close properly.

Disney does sell books that have spots for photos, but they only have spaces for around 13 photos, which isn’t enough for our trips.  Also, I find them a little too large to carry around all day.  The traditional books fit perfectly in my backpack!

It’s a simple trick but it’s a great way to remember your Disney trips.  I love seeing how my kids have grown when we compare all of their books.

Happy crafting,


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Amy writes regularly for WDW Hints. She is a Disney loving Mom of two boys. She, her husband and her boys love talking about Disney World, reading about Disney World, planning for Disney World and most of all, visiting Disney World!

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  • Dawn

    You can also buy acid free photo sleeves off the internet. That way the photos are protected. We have been making our own autograph books for a few years now. We purchase a fun foam covered plain paper spiral book from Hobby Lobby, my daughter decorates the front and we are ready to go. The characters love looking at what she has created on the front of the book.

  • Kathleen

    Great tip Amy! I will have to remember that for my next trip!