What to Pack for the Disney Water Parks


The weather is getting warmer which means may people will start adding a trip to Disney’s Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon into their vacations! If you have never been to the Disney Water Parks, this is a must do activity and offers something the entire family can enjoy. You may wonder, though, what you need to pack to ensure a great day!

1. Towels – Take them from your resort room if you are staying on property. You can even request extras from housekeeping if you want. If you have purchased a water parks fun and more ticket I might suggest bringing beach towels from home. Those who are only visiting the water parks once really don’t need to do this.

2. Water shoes or flip flops- The ground gets very hot! All members of your party should have some sort of foot protection.

3. Zip lock bags- These are great in all sizes. You can put wet bathing suits in them for the bus ride back to the resort, or store items that you want to keep dry.

4.  Goggles- This is not something you want to purchase at the water park. They are exceedingly expensive. Bring them from home!

5. Sunscreen. This is a no brainer. Bring water resistant sunscreen and keep applying it!

6. Bathing Suits- I know what you are thinking…obviously you need to bring a bathing suit, however many people think they can get away with wearing jean shorts or other clothing on the rides. This is not always true. Some rides will not let you on without a proper swim suit as other types of materiel and clothing with buttons and snaps may harm the attraction or the guest!

7. Key to the world card- You can use your card here, just like anywhere else on property, to purchase merchandise and food!

These are just a few items we like to bring in the Disney Water Parks. What else do you pack when you go to the water parks? Let us know in the comment box below.


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