Owners Lockers: A permanent vacation for your stuff.


What can I say-we humans love stuff. And we have a lot of it. But as any scout will tell you, it’s good to be prepared. This brings me to the service up for review today-Owners Locker. Founders John & Brian really took a simple need and filled it brilliantly.

Central Orlando is one of the top vacation destinations in the world, and also one of the prime locations for vacation ownership properties. The folks over at Owners Locker realized that a lot of people, who frequent the Orlando area for vacationing, were schlepping a lot of stuff back and forth with them. And so Owners Locker was born.

This storage & delivery service is the solution to transporting things you regularly take with you on vacation. Instead of packing these items, and transporting them with you on the plane or in your car, you store them in their climate controlled storage facility and when you’re ready to visit your vacation resort, you simply schedule a delivery.

While this service has been a favorite among vacation property owners such as Disney Vacation Club members and other timeshare owners, I personally can see the value in investing in an Owners Locker even if you’re simply a frequent traveler/vacationer, to the area. With airline baggage fees getting crazier by the day, and more and more restrictions on what you can and cannot bring on a plane, an Owners Locker makes sense both financially and for the convenience factor alone. And if you’re anything like me-and pack for the end of the world-the service is both a sanity and back saver.

So what does it cost? Here is a break down of the fees & plans, as well as what you get for your buck:

One time membership fee of $75.00 for your first locker (box):
*Includes (1) locker and initial deliver/pick-up (aka “visit”)

The locker dimensions are: 22” long x 20” wide x 13” high and includes an adjustable divider and an organizing tray for smaller stuff.

Then you pick a plan:

$99.00 a year plan includes:
(1) Year of storage in their climate-controlled storage facility
(1) Free visit per year, where your locker is dropped off at your resort, at the beginning of
your trip & picked up and returned to storage, at the end of your trip

**Additional visits can be scheduled for $25 per visit

$179.00 a year plan includes:
(1) Year of storage in their climate-controlled storage facility
Unlimited visits per year

Have a lot of stuff? Need more than one locker? No problem. You can do an add-on.

Add-On membership fees cost $65.00, then you chose a yearly plan.

$99.00 a year plan includes:
(1) Year of storage in their climate-controlled storage facility
(1) Free visit per year, where you locker if dropped off at your resort at the beginning of
Your trip & picked up and returned to storage, at the end of your trip

**Additional visits are $12.50 when delivered with your first locker

$139.00 a year plan includes:
(1) Year of storage in their climate controlled storage facility
Unlimited visits per year

And to keep things simple, your add-on locker will have the same anniversary date as your first locker. So if you purchase your add on 6 months into your year, you pay for 6 months of storage and then renew both lockers on the same date.

Here are some key points I like:

  • The online Dashboard. You can schedule deliveries, pick-ups, and keep track of your locker inventory just by logging into your dashboard.
  • Your locker is waiting for you when you check in. They will even send you a text to alert you to delivery.
  • Customer service. Every Owners Locker member I have spoken to has given high praise for the owners and the service. Very few report ever having a problem, but more importantly if a problem does occur, the owners work with the members to resolve any issue ASAP, even when it’s a resort end issue. For me-that’s big. I believe customer service is everything and I love that they do too.
  • They don’t try to upsell you into something you don’t need. Right on the website, they recommend people start with one locker, stating “…they are bigger than you might think.” I like that. Honesty goes a long way.
  • This one may sound silly-but I dig the adjustable dividers. This saves you from having your stuff show up a jumbled mess.

Over the 5 years this company has been in business, they have made a name for themselves, both in the cleverness of the concept and in their stellar customer service. They are a fantastic way to save time, money and your sciatica, and are a great resource for vacation property owners but should also be checked out by frequent visitors to the Central Florida area as well.

Have you used their service? What did you think? Let us know in the comment box below.

This guest post is from Lisa Ruiz from Snapshot Getaways. Thanks Lisa for sharing this with our fans! 

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