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    Great article! I'm a “pre-senior” (LOL!) 57 year old, but have severe degenerative disc disease in my lower spine. Two years ago we went in mid August and the ECV's saved me, especially at Epcot! It is well worth the rental price to be able to navigate everywhere with no pain. When the heat “got to me”, I just announced I was taking the bus back to our resort and was happy to go alone or have comany – no compaints by any of my peanut gallery!

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    As someone who deals with lupus, these tips are so awesome for those of us with medical issues too. I really appreciate this article because it focuses on taking care of those you love so that they can enjoy Disney too, which is why you all came in the first place! Thanks so much!

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    Thanks Nancy! I appreciate the encouragement!!

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    Welcome Ken! So glad to have you at Chip and Co. to talk about Disney World from the point of view of the senior population! As someone who works in a senior related business, I am thrilled to see a discussion of this topic, as it is not talked about much at all.

    We traveled the World with my parents, then both in their 70s, in 2000. It was a great trip and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Interestingly, one thing that came up regarding mobility, was that my mother….who did not particularly have huge mobility issues at the time…ended up in a wheelchair half-way through, due to the amount of walking. It was a tough issue as she didn't want to get one, but clearly just could not take the walking. Once we convinced her to get one, she was able to enjoy the parks so much more. And yes, Disney does “do this part right”.

    So for families traveling with seniors, absolutely keep an eye out for their needs, as they may require assistance that even they do not realize they need…..

    Thanks for posting Ken! Look forward to hearing more!

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