Mickey Mouse 2-D Shorts are Coming Back!


Have you been missing seeing the Mickey Mouse cartoons on TV? Good news! They are coming back to the small screen. As Disney tries to bring back Mickey Mouse’s popularity to it’s hey day they will be showing 19 different 2-D cartoons on the Disney channel as well as on disney.com and the Watch Disney app.

Starting on June 28th, you will once again enjoy Mickey and a few of his famous friends (I am hearing rumors that in addition to his true-love Minnie, that Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto all have plans to appear with their buddy Mickey).

The plan is for the shorts to bring you back to the days of founder Walt Disney, highlighting Mickey’s playful qualities.

“Over time we thought that maybe Mickey lost some of those impish or innocent qualities, that vitality that people once saw in him. So we decided to bring him back,” Bob Iger, Walt Disney Co.s CEO said. 

If you visit Disney.com there is a snippet of one of the new cartoons so you can check that out HERE.

In each of the new shorts, Mickey will find himself in a new setting including Santa Monica, New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Venice and the Alps. He will face a “silly situation” that gets played out in “an escalation of physical and visual gags,” according to one of the Disney companies blogs.

So get ready to set your DVR and see how these new “old” shorts work for you and your family! Who here is excited?

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