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    The more the merrier, and more diverse the pool of “princesses” there is for little girls to pretend with and play with.

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    Pocahontas is not really a princess by European/Asian terms, but Disney stretches it on this one (daughter of a Chief). Tianna, Mulan and Cinderella married princesses, so they became princesses. Some of the other female characters on this list are questionable as to “princess” status. Some are just female characters.

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    She never marreid the prince, so she is not a princess. She was not a princess at the start of the movie.

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    I was there when Tiana was made an official Disney princess and watched the ceremony live in front of the castle. Just not sure what the statement about guests being able to watch live means? And Merida is a great princess, but I”m not sure sure she needs a makeover!

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    Julie Reid

    I love Mulan…but she is NOT a princess, she is a WARRIOR!! She never marries a prince either, she marries a WARRIOR! ok, I’m now off of my soap box, and ready to welcome Merida to the “clan”

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    Julie Reid

    you also forgot Dot!

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    Yvonne Leal

    you forgot Giselle! 🙂

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    Merida will become the 11th official Disney princess. Disney only considers the ones mentioned as the official Disney princesses.

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    Paula Jane Pieklo-Byler

    I don’t think this woman looks like Merida.. We have counted 41 Disney princesses. My daughter draws the princesses and came up with this Disney Princess List that includes 1. Snow White 2. Cinderella 3. Tiger Lilly 4. Aurora 5. Leia 6. Eilonwy 7. Ariel 8. Attina 9. Alana 10. Adella 11. Aquata 12. Arista 13. Andrina 14. Belle 15. Jasmine 16. Nala 17. Katharine 18. Pocahontas 19. Megara 20. Kiara 21. Vitani 22. Melody 23. Mira Nova 24. Kida 25. Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi 26. Kairi 27. Su 28. Ting-Ting 29. Mei 30. Nancy 31. Tiana 32. The Pirate Princess 33. Rapunzel 34. Mérida 35. Vanellope 36. Sofia 37. Amber 38. Elsa 39. Anna 40. Marie 41.Calla

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